Unraveling the Tapestry

Travis Wetbush

While being tracked and chased through the countryside by a squad from the Fate Hunters, I ran into a party of heroes who helped me to defeat the squad chasing me. They were being led by a man that was familiar, although he says his name is Destin. I do not recognize it.

I am going to stay with this group because my skills can be used here and they seem also to have a grievance against the Duke. I must admit Destin does seem to have an ability to lead them through a battle with clear precise decisions and commands.

We entered a manor house of a friend of Destin’s, an Ann somebody or other. They servants were acting sluggish and irrational, and then suddenly tentacles burst out of them and they attacked. The group fought admirably and like I anticipated my skills were needed. Upstairs there was a necromancer enchanting burnt letters and books causing them to mend themselves. We managed to convince him to give us a look at them. But he eventually saw through the deception and attacked.
He animated the dead bodies and we had to slay them all. Again fortunately for the party I was there as my ability to rebuke the undead and send their tortured souls back to where they were was what saved the party from an almost certain death.

After leaving Ann’s manor we headed west to within a sight of the capital of the realm. I, because I was the most capable, had to cast a sending spell to contact my trainer and a friend if Destin’s. We will meet him soon.

There is some secret society that Destin is a part of The Priory of Dawning. Destin’s past and how I know him is a nagging question that keeps coming up when I look at him. The Priory seems to be being framed for stuff the Fate Hunters are doing, which from my experiences seems quite possible. Also though having been on the inside of a corrupt group has tainted my opinions of SECRET groups so I will remain skeptical until I see proof or gain true answers to their goals.
Some of the party members arranged to have a letter of introduction sent to the king discussing the possibility of a threat to the realm. Prince Bernard attended the meeting in the Kings place as the King is feeling ill. The Prince was aware of the Fate Hunters and did recognize me. I spoke up as to the actions of the Fate Hunters and said nothing to the purpose of the Priory.

Destin also gave us info of the court affairs that only someone with intimate knowledge could know. It seems he believes that the Duke is the Princes advisor so what we say will get back to the Duke most assuredly.

We told the Prince which Inn we were staying at. Out of direct fear of actions from the Duke or maybe even the Prince we stayed in 2 rooms with the group split in the most powerful way possible. Which was again direct input from Destin, Destin has a good grasp of leadership as well as where and how to place your forces.



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