Unraveling the Tapestry

Story for 9/26/10

The party split up. Adric, Shamash, and Convey headed to visit the Dwarves guarding the Library of Jerudim so Adric could get some chainmail. The others headed to the home of Anne Thibault in hopes that she could aid them.

Elsewhere an ex-soldier named Travis Wetbush was fleeing. He had recently been recruited into the Fate Hunters by mysterious means, but when he witnessed the massacre at Devlin’s Ford he deserted. He was followed by another Fate Hunter known as ‘The Knife’. Luckily for him he encountered the party. Slightly unsure of what was happening the party hesitated, but when the Knife instructed his gnoll companions to kill them all, it became clear as to what side they were on.

After defeating ‘The Knife’, the talked with Travis and found he was a ex member of the Fate Hunters and had on one of the tin rings. Destan and Travis realized they half recognized each other from their youth and Travis, accused of desertion and of being a traitor, decided to join the party.

The group continued on to the home of Anne Thibault, but all was not well there. Outside was a sign declaring that the lands of Anne Thibault had been claimed by the king and that she was a traitor.

Inside they met servants who seemed greatly distressed. They told the adventurers that Anne Thibault had been taken and one cried out, “They put things in our ears…” They then transformed into horrible monsters with tentacles instead of heads. Battle was joined and the party fought hard to overcome their bizarre abillities.

Continuing their search of the house they met a man, a member of the Fate Hunters based on his ring, who seemed to be reconstructing papers that had been burned. Taldarin’s gilded tongue managed to convince the man to talk and he even showed him the documents he had recovered, but Taldarin’s story became confused and he made demands and eventually the man turned on them, raising slain servants to attack the party.

The papers were from the Priory of Darning and had some interesting notes:

  • The Priory had planned on killing Jedamar Greyspar, Vincent Ayers, Laurent de Bellomey
  • “I bear ill news. The child has been killed. The shifter tribe he was living with was wiped out. I fear we must find another weapon against the Duke.”
  • A letter from Alfonce, “Anne, I believe it is past time for us to tell Destan more about the Priory of Darning. I understand that you feel he may react badly to certain details, but he has gained great maturity over the years and I think he would be more useful if he knew more.”
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