Unraveling the Tapestry

Story for 9/12/10

The party questioned the captured Jackalwere. Moorland was filled with anger and ignored the training he received from the monastery and beat the creature until it spoke. It told them that it had been recruited by a Minotaur named Orakon into an organization called the Fate Hunters. They had been instructed to hole up at the monastery and capture anyone coming there. Each of the Jackalweres also had a tin ring with a crude knob on it. Each Fate Hunter wore one of these rings. Moorland prepared to take bloody vengeance on the beast, but Shamash counciled mercy and they let the creature live.

The band settled in to spend the night in the ruined monastery. During Fadris watch time seemed to stop and he was approached by what appeared to be a fox. This ‘fox’ spoke to Fadris and referred to him as Svatantrya. Fadris recognized this creature as his patron and rebuked him for stealing his family, but the fox seemed slightly confused by this and ignored Fadris on this point. The fox wanted details about Fadris’ travels and asked him to give him the books on Fate magic that the party had run across. Fadris was evasive and did not directly refuse, but also did not hand over the books. The fox grew impatient and told Fadris that he had been given incredible power and that Fadris must serve as his hand in the world. He also warned Fadris that the boundaries between the Feywild, Shadowfell, and the Material World were weakening and that his presence would have consequences.

The consequences quickly became apparent. Creatures were pulled from the Feywild and Shadowfell into this world. A half-elven bard and a park of Dark Ones appeared. The Dark Ones attacked while the bard joined with the party to defeat them. After the dust had settled the bard introduced himself as Taldarin. Fadris recognized him as a childhood friend as did Destan who shared Fadris’s memories. Taldarin had no knowledge of Fadris though. Fadris eventually explained his predicament and he told Taldarin that he had known him. The one compared stories of their youth and while there were some differences, the knowledge Fadris had of him convinced Taldarin that he was being honest. Also helping to convince Taldarin was the memory that Fadris had that his parents were alive and well and not dead and gone. The two surmised that if they could undo what had been done to Fadris they could bring Taldarin’s parents back to life. So Taldarin, unable to return to the Feywild anyway, joined the adventuers.



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