Unraveling the Tapestry

Story for 10/17/10

In the mountains, Adric returned to the Library of Jerudim. He met the dwarves guarding the site and asked for resupply. He asked if they had spare armor and they said no. The dwarves then began to drink. Eventually Adric bet his magic gloves for the magic chainmail held by another dwarf. They engaged in a Dwarven drinking contest involving both drinking and hurling axes. Adric’s ability with an axe was not well represented, but his ability to hold his liquor was and he managed to obtain a prized suit of chainmail.

With Convey and Shamash he headed towards the home of Anne Thibault. One morning Convey, using a Sending, discovered that his mother was in trouble. He and Shamash set off immediately to try and help her while Adric was sent to inform the others of what had happened. They pair promised to be in touch via Sending.

When Adric reached the home of Anne Thibault he heard sounds of battle and raced in to help his fellows battle a Fate Hunter necromancer. After defeating the necromancer the party holed up to rest. In the night some villagers came by and told the party that a servant from the Thibault’s manor had come to home, transformed into a monster, and killed three people. The villagers were spooked, but Taldarin helped to calm them down and the party learned that Anne had been taken by Duke Tristan de Durand.

Thinking over their situation the party decided to contact Alphonce, another member of the Priory, but to maximize their chances of finding him with the Sending spell they decided to travel to the center of Armenac, which was near the capital.

When they reached the capital, Taldarin, Moorland, and Fadris went in to see if they could find magic items. Adric went in to get drunk. Adric quickly found the Hammer and Tongs, a dwarven bar where he found some other dwarves to drink with and discuss the new alliance between Armenac and Dorvor.

The other three went a place called the University, despite the fact that it wasn’t really a school, but a loose group of mages who sold their services. They met the master artificer, Kilvin. Kilvin questioned them, and the party fell back on telling the truth. They explained that Moorland’s tribe and monastery had been killed. Kilvin told them rumors about the Priory of Darning being responsible for horrible monsters attacking people. He agreed to trade magic items with the adventurers. Taldarin tried to convince him to lower his price be playing up Moorland’s story of woe. Kilvin was moved, but instead of dropping his price offered a letter of introduction by which they could visit the king.

With this new news the three left the city to fetch Destand and Travis who had not entered due to their criminal status. The band they went to meet the king. Who actually met them was Prince Bernard. The Prince recognized Travis, but did not seem to call him a traitor and he almost seemed to recognize Destan. The party told him the story of the Fate Hunters and gave him three of the Fate Hunter rings. He seemed greatly concerned and assured them he would look into it. He admitted to them that Duke Laurent had been given leave to build a special military force, but he did not recognize the name Fate Hunters.

The prince dismissed them and asked them to stay on town. He told them an inn to stay at. The party was wary of people knowing where they were, but they also did not want to miss a summons by the prince so the stayed at the inn, but were wary and kept watch. The wariness proved warranted as late at night someone came…



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