Unraveling the Tapestry

Shamash's Journal #5 (7/25/10)

Our battle to cleanse the Library continues, brother. We encountered another trio of hobgoblins. We were exhausted after several tough fights, but we were able to vanquish these foes. The leader had some form of dastardly armor made from the skin of various creatures (I believe there may have even been Dragonborn pieces sewn in the disgusting material). I cut the leader badly and his armor belched some sort of toxic substance at me. I was repulsed and we fought all the harder.

After killing this crew we were able to enter more of the actual library area itself. It became apparent that the hobgoblins and goblins were researching lore in their own dismal mythos. The focus seemed to be on ‘Goblin Mothers’. Though I was somewhat interested in this information for its religious component—it will not stop me from ridding the world of this vermin.

We then found a room that seemed to contain some sort of massive system for organizing and categorizing the various tomes in the library. Then we passed on to the central library itself. It was a tremendous room with both a vaulted ceiling and deep floor. We suspected some sort of trap due to large spider webs we had seen throughout. I hoped to spring the trap to our advantage, but instead I was quickly overwhelmed by a force of large spiders and ettercaps. My comrades would later tell me that I bore the brunt of the first assault, and was killed instantly.

I awoke to what I first took to be a vision of the afterlife. I beheld a beautiful Gold Dragon. Brother, I cannot accurately describe the elation I felt at seeing one of our lost kindred. However when the Gold Dragon spoke, reality came crashing down. Though I was deeply grateful to the Dragon for reincarnating myself and my compatriots, it was also apparent that the Dragon was wracked with grief over what had happened to the library. He also seemed to be tortured by some sort of change in the very fabric of magic in our world. I could make little of his ravings, though it does seem that Duke Laurent is responsible for the deaths of Dragonborn at this library. He did this in order to obtain some powerful arcane texts.

I hoped to speak more with him and learn what had occurred, but his madness overtook him—-and he turned upon us!



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