This is a 4th Edition D&D game run by Will Seitz and we currently have six active players and are full. We run on Sunday 1:00-5:00 at MIT (Cambridge, T accessible) roughly every other weekend. Here are Directions to where we play.

This campaign and campaign world will be heavily dependent on player input. Instead of having the dungeon master generate the world and story line while the players generate the main characters and then combining the two, my intention is to generate the story and world based largely on player input so the characters will be more integrated into the story line. I will attempt to incorporate as many elements as possible, but as DM I reserve the right to change any story element you might introduce. I am, however, open to negotiation.

At the beginning I had a series of four questions in order to elicit player input. It was intended as the primary opportunity for player input. I have preserved those below. During play I am asking each player to provide a ‘wish list’ that will help me guide the campaign. Note that your wish lists will probably tie in to your personal quests that are detailed in the Experience section. Details on constructing a wish list are below

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Wish List Making

Your wish list should have three entries.

1. What kind of plot direction do you want for your character? I may or may not use what you write, but I will at least use the flavor of what you want. I want to have plots that you will enjoy, but I also want to keep things interesting. Example responses below.

  • I want a love story!
  • I want a intrigue story set in the Duke’s court.
  • I want to lead an army.
  • I want to battle a giant serpent.
  • I want to have a story where I save a child’s cat in order to show the goodness in my heart.
  • I want to retrieve an object from the insides of a pig. (nod to Miriam)
  • I want less drama! Not every character has to be an exile, criminal, or last survivor of his people. Get over you Batman/Superman/Spiderman tragedy-makes-a-hero fixation!

2. If you do not have a background benefit. What benefit would you want and how would you want to learn it? These are likely to become ‘learned skills’ in my game. Example responses below.

  • I want to develop Endurance by going on a long arduous trek.
  • I want a bonus to my Arcane skill by studying in an ancient library.

3. What kind of magic items are you interested in? Please keep this general. Example responses below.

  • I want items that will improve my defenses.
  • I really want magical boots.
  • I want weapons that will give me some interesting tactical positioning options.
  • I want stuff that will synergize well with a specific ability I have.

Campaign Start Questions

Some of the questions are very character related, if you are not sure what class/race you will be playing or have multiple ideas feel free to present multiple characters (don’t go above four).

1. Please write a short paragraph about some storyline you would like for your character. Some short examples follow. Please give more details than these.

  • I want to own a powerful, intelligent weapon that tries to influence me while I struggle against it.
  • I want to go from being a beggar to a king.
  • I want to be tempted by dark mystical powers and struggle to resist their lure.
  • I want to have a grand destiny that I constantly try to avoid.
  • I want the adventure to be an exploration into my mysterious past.
  • I want to become undead.
  • I want to battle a massive conspiracy.
  • I want to fight injustice while wearing a mark.
  • I want a bizarre symbiotic lifeform attached to me.

2. Please write the story of your character up to the start of the adventure. Keep in mind that you will be starting as someone very weak (although not necessarily inexperienced). Please don’t feel constrained to label your character as ‘adventurer’, end your story with ‘I end up in a tavern looking for adventure and companions’, or having gone to ‘class training school’. Again, examples follow, but please provide more details.

  • I am a scrappy orphan who lives by pickpocketing.
  • I am a ancient retired general who barely remembers anything about fighting.
  • I am a prostitute serving a local mage and have gleaned secrets from him talking in his sleep and leaving books around.
  • I am a slave.
  • I am a prince of the realm.
  • I have absolutely no memories and am a blank slate.
  • I am a drunken ex-gladiator who can’t keep sober enough to use his true skills.
  • I am a village outcast with a demon sealed inside him.
  • I an am orphan whose family was slaughtered by my renegade brother.

3. Please indicate a type of monster or challenge you would like to deal with.

  • I want to fight Yuan-ti.
  • I want to fight Mind Flayers.
  • I want to go on lots of stealth missions where we sneak by as opposed to fight everything.
  • I want to deal with political intrigue.

4. Please detail a campaign world element you would like to see. This should not be something like “Forgotten Realms” or “Eberron”. If you like a particular settings you can pick out an element of that world and say “I like the idea of living golems like in Eberron.”

  • I want a world with lots of gnomes.
  • I want a world ruled by vampires.
  • I want some steampunk elements like steam/magic powered cybernetic limbs and trains.
  • I want a world without elves.
  • I want islands that float in the clouds reached by flying ships.
  • I want a low-magic world where magic is rare and monsters are largely unheard of.
  • I want a high-magic world with incredible wonders.
  • I want a world with dragon riders.