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It has been almost 50 years since what scholars mark as the end of the Dragon Wars. Arkhosia, the world-spanning empire of the dragons, collapsed in on itself in sudden violent fury and it’s dying throes gave rise to the Dark Age. But now the Dark Age is ending, civilizations have begun to recover from the devastating wars. New powers rise to fill the void left by the Dragon Wars.

The kingdom of Armenac was spared much of the devastation of the Dragon Wars. When the wars began the dragons that ruled Armenac crowned a human king and left. Armenac did field armies of both human and dragonborn soldiers, but it was spared from the devastating battles that marked the places where the dragons themselves clashed. Now, Armenac, one of the few places to know peace and prosperity in the Dark Age has begun to spread even to the small tucked away corners of the world like Willow Wood.

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Game/Rules Related Stuff

Character Generation
  • We will be using a standard 22 point buy for ability scores. (P17 of Player’s Handbook – Method 2)
  • Players can do the basic weapon, armor, and kit or spend 100g for starting equipment.
  • We will not be using background benefits. I am currently contemplating a system where each character could get the “background benefit” through in game events.
  • New characters will start out with XP equal to the lowest active character -10% of what is required for the next level.
Missing a Game

It would be nice if everyone is able to keep their character updated on this site for use when you aren’t able to make it. In general absent characters will tend to not be that involved and will leave if it makes sense. If you are in a dungeon they won’t be leaving, but in a town they might leave to take care of other business.

If you aren’t going to be able to make a game please email me. If I have plot stuff for your character about to happen it helps to know you aren’t going to make it so I can shift stuff around.

Since in the past people have just kind of dropped out of the game without saying anything I am going to say that if you miss two games without communicating with me in some way you will be pronounced MIA and your character will be written out of the story and may not be recoverable. For example an MIA character makes a great new villain or a good tragic death. This is just so I won’t having loose characters and stories hanging around for players who are no longer interested in participating. Dropping me a one line email does not really constitute an arduous task.

Main Page

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