Unraveling the Tapestry

Taldarin's Journal 6/26

Other books came off the shelves as well, lashing at us with tenticle like projections from within them. Also to our dismay, 2 large floating beaked brains came floating in as well, also with large tenticle like projections. Immediately they floated towards us, grabbing us with their appendages, some of them even spewing acid upon our flesh. It was not a pretty sight at all. Fadris blinked to the top of a bookcase only to be grabbed by 2 beasts, and there he stayed, locked in combat with the two brains, unable to get away, as fadris often does. I utilized my powers mostly in ways to pull my allies away from the grabs, what else could I do? pushing a few away, pulling a few down, either way I tried my best to keep our team safe. Kallric confused the pair of brains for a few seconds, sending them into a stupor of mirrors within their own minds, but they broke free of the spell. These were tough creatures! We kept attacking and attacking, and they just wouldn’t fall, these were seriously some tough creatures! Finally, adric started landing a few strong blows on them, and we dwindled their numbers slowly. Upon winning the battle, we wasted no time…. to the ritual room! I was so excited, a whole room full of rituals! when we arrived though, the faint small of burnt earth and brimstone wafted into my nostrils… demons! we were bombarded by lightning over and over, small lightning shelled creatures kept launching large bolts towards us. Then we heard faint whispering “kill your friends… they are your enemies… harm them…” I shook this feeling, but travis darted an eye towards me, and swung his mace, I dodged, hey! its me! i yelled, he came to, the small quasit lost his grip on him… but poof! he disappeared! I ran forward and attempted to push the smaller demons back with my shout of triumph, “BACK FELL CREATURES! WE WILL DESTROY YOU!” and with a clap of thunder, I pushed a large number of them back, allowing kallric to land ice bombs all over the place. fadris jumped in, and immobilized the largest of the creatures, a 6 armed horrid thing, larger than us all. The battle was going in our favor, we were annihilating them! well… we were, and im not sure what happened, but the tides turned… we were continuously bombarded by lightning, and large ape like creatures beat thier chests and our faces over and over. Travis fell… the only one in the party with healing remaining… stay strong travis! after a few attempts to heal him, and one to many failed death saves, travis was slain… his horribly mutilated corpse lay bloody on the ground… and none of us are strong or knowlegable enough to raise him! What will we tell Lady Wetbush! We defeated the rest of the creatures, and wrapped travis’s body in cloth. After looking around the ritual room, we found many components for rituals… but no ritual books… Kern, were are the ritual books!? you said this was the ritual room! he replied that they are in the library… correllon damnit… a faint breeze of magic in the room made my arcane knowledge brim with excitement, Our rituals will certainly be stronger here… I can feel it! We ventured back out to the library, and found the collection of rituals… Lets see what rituals we’ve found…

Taldarin's Journal- 6/19

We squinted our eyes, down the dimly lit hallway we continued to hear the clunk, clunk… an iron golem…! but… it has moving parts, gears, levers and the such… this was no iron golem, just an automaton of some sort. It came at us but we surrounded it, making the golem a quick victim of the feywild! Adric found himself on the other side of the machine. Its attacks were simple, it would swing at us, and punch us, It was proving to be an easy battle. It slashed at travis, then punched him, both landed then its gears moved, and travis was grabbed by the machine, and it began to draw him inside it! from the machines back fell what looked like a lifeless body, a frail and emaciated looking… half elf! My kind were rare on this plane as i’ve seen, not too many unions between men and elves here i suppose. I dont know why a human male wouldnt want the company of a female elf.. but I digress. I inspired travis with a majestic word, pulling him out of the machine, he struck the beast with a healing strike, invigorating the emaciated figure. The half elf ran backwards, and began bombarding it with magic missles, this was no ordinary half elf, this was a wizard! the machine sprayed the battlefield with small spider like clockwork creatures, they skittered around and latched themselves onto my allies, i blasted 3 away with a shout of triumph, but could not reach the one attacking our new half elf ally. Adric continued to pound away at the golem, and quite a few times did I have to pull allies out of his whirring gears. Luckily for us, it never got a chance to fully envelope one of us, as it must have done who knows how long ago with this new half elf. We eventually beat it down, and immediately hailed the newcomer. His name was kalleric Atru, a half elf wizard of some school of sorcery that was destroyed over 500 years ago! he had met vincent ayers nearly 20 years back, while strapped to a table, he was unfortunately engulfed by gears. Lucky for him, we came along. It seems as though he was an apprentice and researcher working on a very special magic, one which seemed like it had the power to see otheres fates. We learned that the dukes son was fated to kill the duke. Perhaps the reason why the duke decided to change the strands within the tapestry? We went back to the study area and rested. sometime during my watch (whatever time it is, its dark 24/7 down here) A small toy soldier came through a small crack in the wall. He began moving the items around in the room, as if… cleaning up? Guys! wake up! i yelled, “destan” recognized this toy soldier as a childhood toy. why is it here? It wasnt of much help, it didnt know anything. We decided that the best course of action was to go to the library. When we got there, we saw a large book in the center of the room. Me and kallric took of to the far corner to go to the ritual room, and destan explored the book. It was just jibberish… it didnt say anything… then it attacked!!

The Legend of Adric Greyspar 5/15

Adric sat at the table in the dining room of the Ayers manor, quietly sipping his ale. Taldarin was boisterously telling some grand tale about Kerathra the Wizard-maiden or some nonsense while Fadris and Travis laughed along. Adric’s thoughts, however, were with his father and the recent events. He was never good at following the fantastic stories his father would tell him about fate and sorcery, and being involved in the middle of one didn’t make it any easier. What did the seer mean when he said that Adric shouldn’t exist? How did the talisman he wore protect him from the blow of the fate juggernaut they fought in the fields just the other day? He glanced at Destan and noted that he was likely stuck on the same thoughts as he sat in the corner, seemingly attempting to blend into the walls, unnoticed.

All-in-all, though, it was nice to stay at the Ayers estate. The servant staff was polite and helpful, and Adric was able to spend plenty of time thinking through his situation. He came no closer to determining how to execute his father’s charge, though. Before long, the academy wizard had arrived and was prepared to begin the portal ritual. Perhaps Vincent Ayers’ lab would provide some answers.

The portal ritual was nothing new to Adric. Jeddamar would use it frequently to travel, and Adric accompanied him on more than one occasion. The destination portal, though, was disconcerting. The structure was old and ruined with a strange, pulsating flesh tentacle curling around the broken pillars. A quick survey of the room indicated that this was located deep underground. This was confirmed a moment later when the smell hit…the telltale, putried musk of a troglodyte.

Adric was the first to respond, diving out of the destination cage and hurtling down the stairs to strike first. Taldarin began to sing as the sound of moving gears filled the room. Adric did not have a chance to see what caused the noise as the bard’s song transported him to the Fey. Adric was prepared for this, he rushed 12 paces west to where the troglodytes were standing, and when the song ended he found himself flanking one of the soldiers with Travis. The ranger and battle cleric struck in unison, crippling the warrior as the terrible smell overcame them. Before they could finish him, though, Adric found himself flanked by another of the lizardmen. He ducked a hard swing and struck the newcomer in the knee with his hammer, and followed that with an overhand strike with his axe. By this time, Destan had joined the fight, striking from behind Travis with his glaive.

The party made short work of the troglodytes, though Taldarin spent much of the fight hobbling around attempting to escape a rust monster. Fadris spent more than a few moments giggling at the sight before sniping the beast down at range with Fey fire. Eager to escape the stench, the companions ventured down the nearest corridor.

The corridor ended in a dead end with a metal dial centered on the wall. A scrawled message above it read “What is most important,” and the dial had five concentric wheels with letters etched in them. After a few failed tries, Taldarin was quick to determine the password – Vincent Ayers clearly placed great value on his son and protege. He wheeled the dial to say “Emery,” and the passage opened. Truly, Adric often forgot that Destan was a pseudonym for the soldier at the center of all this.

They entered the passage, and found themselves in the secret library of the archmage Vincent Ayers…

Taldarin's Journal 5/15

We arrived at the Ayers estate, and were greeted kindly by the servant staff there. Destan “Emery” Ayers didnt want to be seen by the servants he grew up with and hid beneath his cloak. Travis, the legal owner of the Ayers estate as of now, introduced himself to the servants and from that point forward, we were taken very good care of. The servants were quite nice, very obedient and they sure did make good food! Destan didnt ever come to the Dinner table, and it was noticed. The servants often asked about him, if he was ok, or if they were accommodating him well. Travis assured them that he was just a loner and everything was well.
It was not long before the fellows from the academy arrived. He unfortunately didn’t have the transfer enchantment ritual, so again, we must wait. We decided to wait until morning to travel to the secret lab, so we made reservations for the Academy wizard to stay in the estate.
In the morning, it was about 10 minutes worth of ritual preperation, and the portal opened, we were sucked into darkness.
Upon coming to, we lit some sunrods, and noticed we were in a cage of sorts, pillars slightly bowed out reaching toward the sky. descending from the ceiling was a horrible tentacle, faces and limbs periodically thrusting out of its fleshy surface. Through the dimly lit room, we could also see (and smell) another trouble…. Troglodytes! and CORRELLON do they smell bad! they threw spears at us, pinning us down, I used a new power to teleport 2 allies out of the cage. I was immediately cursed and found myself unable to get out of the cage! The trog mage who cursed me then flipped a switch and large blades came down from the pillars slashing at all of those inside! I had to run, even while slowed, to the exit of the cage, then i sung my majestic word, and found the spirit to move the remaining 5 feet that I needed to escape from the cage. To my dismay, I slid right into the sights of a beetle looking creature, it lashed an eye at me, and its mouth began to water, what is this creature! It went to attack me, and strangely enough it did not go for me, it went for my magical sword! Rust monster! I quickly stashed the sword in my cloak, and the rust monster had no other magical metal item to consume, so yes, i ended up being burned by its acidic saliva. I branded my non-magical longsword and took a swing at the beast, its blood began to rust my sword. The cavern curse wouldnt leave my body, and i just kept trying to flee this beast before it completely took me out! it took me nearly a solid minute to reach the rest of the party, but the rust monster could cover Tremendous ground at a remarkable speed! i compulsed it to travel next to the horrible tentacle but unfortunately it was too agile to be consumed by it. The rest of the party finally took the monster down, and I cleared the curse from my body. We continued to attack the troglodytes until we slayed them all, finishing the final trog by pushing it into the tentacles and allowing the large arm to consume it. GROSS!
There are 5 exits from this circular room, and we just randomly passed into one of the corridors. Above a door with 5 wheels with the alphabet on each one read: “What is the most important thing?” Money? Power? I decided to see what a wrong entry did, so I placed the dials to AAAAA. I felt a magical presence begin to boil, not a good idea! what is the most important thing…? “Adric!” said adric, “Ha ha!” his deep dwarven voice boomed… But that made no sense, this was Destan’s fathers lab… Emery’s…. fathers lab… EMERY! I put the name into the dials (because they were all too chicken to) and the door opened! in the “lab” came into a small square room with a skull on a pedastle in the center. not detecting any traps, we took steps towards it. “Who goes there!” said the skull. I game “Destan” a glare and encouraged him to answer by his true name. “Emery Ayers” he said. The skull ended up being his great grandfather, and knew the lab fairly well. He also wanted to be taken along on our journey. He was not a friendly skull though, and continuously was putting me down.
Apparently there are 3 major areas to this lab, a study, a library (with a ritual room!), and an animal experimentation area… We decided to check the study first. Everything looks destroyed, apparently the “experiments” got loose. We decided to go investigate the room with the skull one more time, and we heard a loud “thud….THud…Thud…” as we squinted down the hall we saw… a Construct coming right for us!

Taldarin's Journal 5/1

As the dark figure strode toward us, a small group of the armenac elite decided to stay and assist us. The archers fired upon him, and the swordsmen engaged him one by one, and one by one they were slain, it seemed, with no effort at all. I attacked and landed a stunning blow…….. what!? But how! I missed my target, I felt the vigor of steel against steel, and I had the vision in my mind of the blow but it just didn’t connect. Travis and adric had no such luck either, but when Fadris hit him with an eldrich blast, he howled in confusion “How could this be happening!!!” Destan also took a shot, and his hit slammed into the figures armor as well. He must be a seer, and he cannot see Destan or fadris! why I cannot say, but his fate magic is useless on them. The figures attacks struck with such a force as to outright kill… essentially anyone. I was struck by one of these attack, I felt my life fade before my eyes, and just before I felt the grasp of death take my soul to correllon, I had a memory that I had not had in a very long time. A fond memory of when I was very young, I saw the faces of my parents, vividly. Ive never seen them as vivid as this! They looked into my eyes, so happy, so proud… My eyes opened, and I was still standing on the battlefield, I had not been slain! Adric was also hit, and the small chunk of wood he holds around his neck began to glow, and warm his body, and somehow, it saved him as well. Fadris and Destan eventually angered him enough to have him retreat the fight, and then the army rushed toward the town. We retreated into the city, and luckily enough, we had evacuated everyone. The sound of war was upon us. A very large group of orcs engaged us, 15, 20!? the 5 of us took them out one by one, but the thing about orcs, you kill one and another will surely take its place. There was one mage orc who conjured a terrible cloud of flies… they stung and bit and got in your eyes. Correllon, i hate flies. After dispatching the crowd of them, we heard loud thundering footsteps. A huge troll came lumbering after us! pushing lesser orcs aside, he wanted a piece of our group alone. He was pretty hardy, but we just overcame him eventually. We slayed him, and there he lay. Victorius we… but wait! he stood again! Damn trolls! we need to extinguish the life from his body using fire. I ran over to a burning out, quickly pulled a torch from my Deep pocket cloak and ran back. Travis poured lamp oil on his body, and i struck it with the fire, he caught ablaze, and there he rested. The town was overrun, but with no civilians remaining in the town, it was a victory in my eyes.
We escaped the town out its non-ransacked side, and made our way to Destan’s Estate. The trip was uneventful and we were greeted when we arrived.

Taldarin's Journal 4/17

When we first arrived, we went straight to the town hall. We warned the mayor of the probable doom looming over the town, and we explained that the nature of magic was that of fate, and that it was complicated indeed. We were a bit conservative at first, but eventually informed him that a member of his village was going to survive an onslaught that will happen in the near future. I believe he may have gotten his loved ones to safety. He didn’t see or sense any magic in the area, but why would he, he doesn’t have the glimmer fey behind his eyes. Fadris and I decided to do a little investigating of our own. The mayor spoke of a local wizard, able to perform minor cantrips and the such, and we were going to put him to the test. He owned a shop of sorts, I could smell the residuum from outside his storefront. As we went in, many magical trinkets lay about. Curious objects they were, some just novelties, but many glistened with magic. He had a small collection of rituals at his disposal, and after sifting through them, Fadris and I decided that a ritual to see through the eyes of a slain victim was of much value. He agreed to accept some divine ritual reagents instead of our hard earned coin, even if there was a bit of a mark up in price. He also offered us another deal, he would purchase any magical gear from us at 75% of its cost in residuum (instead of the lousy 20% the disenchant ritual can perform) We sold destan’s space-shifting bolts, and the elixir of accuracy, claiming a small pile of fresh residuum. After speaking with him for awhile, it was evident that he was just a storefront, and not much of a wizard. We left the shop to bring the news of the deal he was offering to our companions.
Later in the week, a group of cloaked men entered the town, some armed with bows. Travis noticed them, as he was continuously scanning the town for suspicious characters. They came into the inn we were eating at and sat quietly at a table… interesting indeed… I began to introduce myself to one of them, noticing that he didn’t wear a tin ring on his hand. he was curt, but not unfriendly. He just wanted to be left alone. Certainly suspicious behavior… We decided to check the other inn in the town and surely enough there was another group of eight men in cloaks at that tavern too. We devised a plan, I would use the hat of disguise to look like one of the other injured guards, and… well see what happens from there I suppose. Luckily we decided to inform the mayor that his town was being occupied because when we went in, he was meeting with a noble lord. He introduced himself, and the mayor assured us that he was a friend. The men in town were Armenac elite! Its certainly comforting to know that such fine warriors were with us. Apparently Servalan had sent him to stay with the town as a waypoint to the eastern border where his true mission was. Any help is good help! We confirmed with Servalan that he was indeed as he said, and she replied that he was her most trusted and loyal lord, comforting news. He proposed a challenge for us, his finest group of 8 warriors wants to challenge us to a duel! We accepted and the next day, we met in a field. 4 armored men in plate and with shields took the front line, and 4 archers took the rear. As the combat started, it was evident that they had the upper hand. Their military discipline made it seem as if they atually acted as one as their efforts crescendo in concert. We eventually took them down, and as a reward, he outfitted any member of our party not wearing magical gear with a +1 magical version. What a generous gift! Later in the day we heard horns sound, and the fate hunters army amassed outside the town. Comprised of beasts and humans alike, they numbered approximately 300, slightly more than our 200 elite and ourselves. Their leader proceeded to the center of the imminant battleground, he wants to parley. Our lord went to meet him, and not soon after he got there he was slain by the man in one fell swoop. Our archers let fire, hundreds of arrows descended upon him, none of them hitting their mark. As he approached, our front line went to meet him, and he with a singe swoop slew them all… How can we defeat this creature! A mask covered his face, we could see nothing of him, was he man or spectre!? Destan and I let out a loud cry to disperse, and he turned upon us as approaching us. Travis took a horse to attempt to heal the lord but it was too late, he was dead. He hoisted him upon the horse and rode back. The armored creatures stride fixed itself upon destan and myself. It seems as if we have a problem…

A Marriage brings convenient ties:
I sent a sending to Seralan to ask who killed our family and to get a feeling for her opinion of the Duke. The response was “I have my suspicions get here soon new responsibilities.” So we decided to go there quickly. This would be a 12 day trip. On the journey we encountered many people seeking shelter in larger communities. At one point the refugees were being attacked by a group of aberrations, 2 carrion crawlers and 2 of those tentacle headed creatures from Anne’s home along with an Eye tyrant, this can’t be good. We discovered, thankfully, that this is not a beholder but some lesser species if some such thing exists. We all co-operated to dispatch them quickly I gave Adric my divine strength to his weapon and Destan kept inspiring Adric by pointing out opportunities for extra attacks. With the bard singing in the background we all fought bravely.

After that we went on to my family home to find Seralan there. We spoke briefly and I learned that she has been demoted so she could take care of the family and estates. She has arranged a political marriage to an older woman for me, how nice of her, argh. How, am I to discover who and why these attacks are happening and who is behind it all if I am to be tied down to an estate? I was so put off on the idea that I did not even think to ask who the woman was. To my surprise it was Florence Ayers, wasn’t Destan called “Lord Ayers”? Being suspicious of a setup or an attempt on her life I decided to go escort her to the home. We all left to meet her on her way. Of all the nerve and arrogance, the Bard asked to speak to her inside her carriage. It was agreed to as long as a guard was with them. Me thinking this could be the worst thing to happen now that he has the hat, who is he going to pose to be her dead brother or something? Apparently he behaved himself. Although the wedding was rushed and small it went well. We had no incident beyond having to choose the bard as my best man. Destan gave Florence away. That was curious and she was giving looks to Destan like she was very familiar with him.

The Honeymoon night was a very educational night. Many of my recently gained curiosities about Destan were answered. He is her supposedly dead brother Emery Ayers. Hence the seers remark also. It was and still is a shock to think that Destan, uh Emery, uh … I know him as Destan he wants to be called Destan I will continue to call him that. He is my brother in law. Although I now am the estate holder of the Ayers estate I made sure that it is understood I do not want nor will I keep my influence on his estates if he should come out of hiding.

She is also familiar with managing estates with no one around to support her, I feel guilty about leaving her to proceed on this endeavor of ours but if we are successful she will be better for it. I hope to find her a unique and special gift during my travels to send her, as a gift of my appreciation for her life being inconvenienced.

She did have interesting information about Vincent Ayers. He apparently had a secret lab someplace which he accessed from his home portal. We had her contact the University to have someone open the portal so we could investigate this for more information. We started to head to the Ayers, or is it now the Wetbush estates? But we stopped on the way in a small town that has not been attacked yet, in hopes to interfere with the next attack; while we wait for the university scholar to assist us in gaining access to the lab.

Taldarin's Journal 3/27

After conversing with the seer, we decided the best course of action was to do a sending to Servalan Wetbush, Aunt of travis. Considering the fact that Alfonz had send travis a sending that his family had been killed, this seemed like the best immediate course of action. Servalan responded and was in need of speaking to Travis, so we decided to make the 12 day journey south to the swampy home of the Wetbush family. On our journey we say a number of peasants on the trail being chased by some horrible creatures! Two carrion crawlers, a couple of the tentacle headed monsters, and a small beholder on the road! We engaged the creatures, and to our dismay, they nearly flew across the battlefield tentacles lashing in every direction, Travis blessed Adrics warhammer as i sung a song of courage, destan continuously allowed for more strategic attacks from Adric. I hit the beholder with my compulsion, causing the creature to wander behind some treecover, only to reappear again, it seemed to have found some inner desire to fight, as it blasted adric and myself with beams from its eyes. I wrestled in the tangled web of one of the creatures tenticles, its grasp dragging me along and burning my flesh with evil energy. I uttered a majestic word, and slid out of its grasp. The battle continued until only the beholder remained, we found that our weapons sunk into its soft hide as if we had struck the side of a horse. we surrounded it and beat it down. The peasants and commoners of the road ran to us and thanked us for our service, and I made a bold step by revealing ourselves as the Priory of Dharning. They were shocked at first, but eventually realized that the fate hunters were the ones summoning the monsters, and the priory was fighting against them. They accepted us into thier village nearby, and we ate, drank and rested for we were hero’s! (to this small town…) but they gave us the name of thier town and upon requesting, agreed to give us safe haven if needed. Upon approaching Servalan’s quarters, she embraced Travis. I asked her if she had met me in the capitol, and if she maybe had stolen my blood, but she didn’t ever hear of such a thing and completely brushed me off. She told Travis that her position was being taken over by a dwarven general, and that to keep the wetbush estate, he would have to marry. He already had a bride set aside… Flourance Ayers! (later did I find out that this was “Destan’s” sister!) I offered to be in charge of planning the wedding, and Servalan appointed me the position. We rode out to meet the carriage carrying lady Ayers, a women of little political importance, but of great wealth. The party didn’t want to enter or even go near the carriage, so of course I offered to go in to greet her and to discuss the matters of the wedding. After the short trip, I got to work, the wedding was in 3 days! The next three days went by quickly, the two wanted a quick simple wedding, and So it was. They both said I do, and i revealed a special surprise for them! i led Travis and his new bride to a room I set up with delicate champagnes and rose petals utop a nicely linened room. I led them inside and told them to have a good time! (listening at the door I didnt hear any springs squeaking, just talking so i cracked open the door just a hair to remind them of the petals. Seems as though the gentle reminder worked! There they were, already consummating the marriage! It brings a tear to my eye! The next day, Flourance revealed to us the existance of a secret lab of “Destans” father! We had Flourance send for a member of the academy to meet us at the Ayers estate so that we can take a linked portal to the secret location! Also, we showed Lady Servalan the fate hunters map, she was very interested and marked the dates in which the areas were attacked, Fadris noticed a pattern, and we now had some lead as to intercept a fate hunter attack on a village! We chose the nearest settlement not yet attacked that was on the way to the Ayers estate. We arrived… now we wait!

Forgotten fates, and the living lie:

In Spaga we rested and helped the refugees as well as Gerard. Alphonse was there and we asked him if he was the person in center of town and if he encountered the artifact in the domed room when he was here. It was him but he never entered the ruins proper. After questioning Gerard and Anne as well we learned that the map from Gerard’s lab had towns that were attacked circled on it, the question was did it have towns that were not attacked yet. Is this the Fate Hunter’s plans or just someone keeping track. We plan to find out.

We also learned that The Priory was foundered by 2 seers that were brothers and that one was not too far away. It appears that there were many seers from the same birth. Alphonse has provided us with a few useful items to help us discover more truths and plans. Of these items the bard was given a hat of disguise, this has exposed the bards chaotic side he is constantly pretending to be people he is not to trigger reactions from us.

With so many people having dreams and visitations of a different past I can’t keep track of what is real in this group sometimes, but I believe the Eladrin wizard had a visitation again. It seems he gains insight just after we have encounters and speaks of being told things. With the latest visitation the town was attacked by bloodthirsty goblins, someone called them Redcaps, I do not know if that is there species of just a clan name but we fought them off and got out of town as the wizard was warned to get out or bad things would happen. We left the refugees with Anne and Gerrard with Alphonseand Shamash decided to help escort the refugees.

We decided to go to a nearby town which was circled on the map and to the seer which was near there. While traveling there we met some dwarves and Adric took the opportunity to leave and learn of current events within the dwarven community. We get to the town and discovered that it had been attacked and that the people were blaming it on wolves. We suspected otherwise, the local constable also mentioned that these attacks are coming from DarShan. This is a new piece of information and it may have some validity to it. What if DarShan has been the source of these attacks? But the Duke’s power grabbing is still suspect. Would it be beyond the Duke to be in league with both DarShan and the dwarves if he could get more power by organizing the attacks to encourage the alliance between the dwarves and the Duke?

Well that night while camping outside of town we were attacked. Actually I was attacked while on duty. Thankfully I was alert and keeping a constant vigil. At the first sign of the attack I alerted the group and took a defensive posture. The creature was not of this world and his twisting and distortions made it appear at times as if he had split into 2. With attacks coming from multiple sides at times I felt like I had no hope to survive. I was knocked down and dazed twice thought my life would end there but I composed myself and got back in the thick of it. It had six legs the rear 2 were twisted and facing backwards. The next morning we brought the Remains back to the constable in town to show him the threat was defeated and that it was not a wolf. We also used this opportunity to discredit the fate Hunters and counter the slandering of the Priory.

When we met the Remial the Seer we discovered some interesting facts and almost useless though. The seer could see the way the world SHOULD be if the fates had not been tampered with so many years ago. We also learned that the fates have been twisted since before the dragon wars. This means that Destan is not the cause or the first event it started too long ago. I also heard Destan referred to as “Lord Ayers” as well as Fadris being called “Lord Evermoon”. To have these titles they would have to be the sons of powerful wizards and although Fadris is powerful or will be he is a Warlock not a wizard and Destan is not even that. There were many details that were different from our current truths and none that we could make the same. So although we learned a lot about how the fates have been changed it was useless unless we can go back to the point when it was changed and that we did not learn. We must press on and hope to find a way to stop the changes in the future.

The next day I had a sending from Alphonse. “My whole family was killed and Seralan was called back, I have new responsibilities now.”

Taldarin's Journal 3/13

After the attack on the town, we decided that we should assure that Anne and the other “nexi” were safe in their travels. Shamash volunteered to travel with them to assure their safety. The rest of us decided to head north to the town of Barrie, a town circled on the map we copied from Jerrard Vacendians room. Ah yes, Jerrard… There was some talk of ending his life, seeing as how he is a terribly evil individual, but he may serve some purpose in the future, so we had Alfonz arrange him to be kept (all be it not too securely) in a location we don’t know yet. Hopefully Barrie would turn out to be unharmed. From Barrie we will travel west to the house of Remial, the Seer, then we will go to the land of the dwarves, Dorvor, to attempt to disrut the alliance between the dwarves (The library may be a stop along our way as well). Traveling north, we came upon a band of dwarves, and Adric decided to travel with them for a short period of time and would meet up with us later. Still traveling north on the roads, We came upon more road travelers, those of which seemed to have all of thier wordly possessions in carts. We hailed him, and of course, he has heard that the Priory of Dharning has attacked Barrie and that the people of the small village to the north, landoc. We told him that the attacks seemed to match those of the fate hunters, and to be safe, as he was heading to the capitol. Upon reaching Landoc, we found a state of mild unrest, people packing up and the like. We went into the town hall, and were greeted by the mayor who assured us that everything was safe in his town, and that the real unrest was due to wolves in the area. A small bounty was placed on the head of any wolf slain. We thanked him for his time, but told him that we needed to investigate Barrie to the north, despite the fact that it has already been attacked. He bid us on our way, and we set off towards Barrie. After a short journey, the four of us that remained set up camp for the night. It was Travis’s watch, the rest of us slept, when all of a sudden something came out of the shadows and lept on Travis, scratching, biting, scratching some more, nearly mauling him into non existence. The rest of us snapped awake at his alarming cries, and I did my best to keep him alive with my chord of resilience which worked! After getting to our feet we realized that the creature was a hideous abberition, pulsating stomach and armor plating on its back. It had six legs which bent backwards, and terrible claws and teeth. We systematically fought and fought, despite the fact that the creature had tremendous strength and vigor. After a long fought battle which very nearly killed travis on multiple occasions, we eventually took the creature down, chunks of meat writhed and jiggled on the ground. We collected its armored plates and made our way back to Landoc. The mayor rewarded us 100 gp for our triumph, and we continued north yet again to Barrie. the route was generally uneventful until we reached the town. Men were around picking things up and looking around a pretty much ransacked city. After talking with them, we discovered they were guards of the duke of corithin. They believe that the attacks were from the land of the east. We asked to look around, maybe finding clues, or a bit of loot in the process. Finding nothing of interest or any clues whatsoever, we decided to be on our way, to the hut of the hermit-seer Remiel. The travel was uneventful, and upon approaching remials hut, we were recognized by him! He referred to Destan as “Lord Ayers” and Fadris as “lord evermoon.” It turns out that this seer’s powers were not to see things as they are or will be, but to see them as they should have been, if fate had not been altered. We learned much from Remial, but the importance of such knowledge is not well understood at this point. Apparently fate was altered nearly 70 years ago, when Remial was only 9. The 7 brothers felt a disturbance in fate, and a few started the Priory. Apparently the dragon war would never have happened either… so what caused the dragon war? a piece of knowledge that would very much aid our quest. After speaking with remial, we had 2 clear options ahead of us, either travel north to the land of the dwarves to seek out information in the library about the dragon wars, and then head to dorvor to stop the alliance, or travel to the other towns around armenac that have been circled and see if we can either save them or identify other Nexi and attempt to keep them safe in some way.


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