Unraveling the Tapestry

Taldarin's Journal 12/19

We descended down the winding stairs and came to a circular room full of bedrolls and hay, all of which reeked of orc. Afraid of an ambush, Faedris explored a small dark cavern, able to see through the dimly lit corridor with his Eladrin eyes. The opened up to other circular room below, with more orc bedrolls and manacles bolted to the walls. On the floor were many boards covering a pit that descended into more darkness. As to not be ambushed in the night I said “Lets set a sound trap!” “You mean an alarm?” said Travis. “No,” I said, “A sound trap that would wake us if intruders busted through the boards!” Travis replied “So, you want to set an alarm…” After thinking about it a second, I replied “Well yes, it would alarm us…” The party erupted in laughter. “Oh I love bards” Adric said through his multiple mustaches. Luckily for us, the “sound trap” was unnecessary, we were undisturbed in our slumber.

After waking, we continued down the murky hallways which reeked of moist earth. We cleared the boards and manacles off the pit and continued downward, after cracking a sunrod of course. After a short turn of hallway we came upon an open circular shaft in the tower, approximately 50 feet below us lay rubble and debris. Along its outer edge a stone staircase corkscrewed into the darkness. makeshift boards lay upon areas of broken stairs, they do not seem very sturdy! as we entered the room, we heard skittering and grumbling. From holes in the walls appeared goblinoid creatures with skin that looked like stone. We carefully proceeded down the stairs, engaging these vicious creatures. On multiple occasions I saw adric get bit by the goblins after swinging his axe at them. Terrible creatures these are! We pounded at the goblins over and over, and to almost no prevail. They were as tough as the rocks that held the tower in place. I let out a shout of triumph, scattering the enemies while urging my allies forward. One of the goblinoids turned and fled, lost his balance and tumbled to the stairs a level below. After what felt like hours chopping at the goblin creatures, we slowly started taking them down. We eventually killed all of them, and found ourselves trekking down a corridor full of marshy muck.

The passageway opened to another room, much larger, with ceilings that must have been 30 feet high. It seems like this used to be or three seperate floors, but time has done a number on the chamber. A duergar sat at the end of the hall, and a mage stood atop a 10 foot high platform. He seemed to be…torturing one of the goblin creatures. Emaciated humans were tied to the walls all around us, I counted eight, but there may have been more, I couldn’t tell. Upon the chests of the prisoners were arcane runes. Who knows what these could do. Morland and adric immediatly charged forward to attack the mage, who was carving runes into the goblinoid. As the runes pulsated, a large tenticle beast, partially insubstantial, erupted from its body. These runes were bad news! To make matters worse, the room began to flood with water. Destan joined the attack against the beast as Faedris, Travis and I worked on disarming these runes! We tried to free the prisoners of their runes as fast as possible, but to our dismay, a few of the prisoners exploded into smaller tentacle beast creatures. I managed to run underneath the platform and free one. As the water rose to well above my hips, The problem occurred to me that these men would drown! I was currently fighting a mage and a tentacle beast, but I mustered the valor required to swim over and release the prisoner. I struck the chains, breaking him free. “thank you!” the young moderately good looking male said. We continued to free more prisoners, as destan, moorland and adric circled the insubstantial beast. I let out cutting words, burning the creature from within its mind, finally slaying it. We freed the last prisoners and killed the last remaining beasts. The battle has been won, and its time for a rest.

Securing the tower ruins

We stopped on the way to rescue Ann at the town of Spaga, it is a typical small village town. Due to the recent misdirection of the Fate Hunters, the town blames the recent sightings of monsters and human abominations on the Priory of Darning. But in the center of town is a statue of the town heroes; a younger looking Alfonse (but the name says Volay) and Jedamar Grayspar. They had defended the town from the lizardmen of nearby swamp, where the ruins we are looking for are, then went into the swamp and defeated all of the lizardmen in the swamp. So the story goes.

The swamp was a typical wet muddy mess with deep sinkhole areas and areas that just concealed the real depth. When we came to the ruins the lizard men were alert on top of the walls. Before we could get a real organized battle line formed the lizard men used poison and altered the very ground we moved on to inhibit our movement and cause constant racking pain. We did manage to move through the swamp and the words of Avandra gave the party a second breath enabling them to fight off the poison and move through the swamp. Once we truly engaged the lizardmen on our terms the battle turned to our favor. Once the lizardmen realized that we were going to win this battle they blew a loud horn.

The inside of the ruins was just a hallowed tower wall with an entrance to the depths. We took a short rest and while we rested the orcs inside taunted us with jests “like your dead now”,” here they come”, “Good Luck haha, you’ll need it”. At this point we heard a lot of movement just outside of our field of vision. And slowly we could see a hoard of lizardmen coming to retake the ruins.

This time we split and covered both entrances, I cannot speak for what was happening at the other entrance much. But as we fought at our entrance the lizardmen had help from a living walking tree. It came to the wall to flank us and shifted through the wall by separating into the vines and moving them through the gaps in the wall. As everyone else was fighting the lizardmen at the entrance, I needed to heed the movement and plans of the bog thing (my name for this abomination of life). I was fairly successful when I knocked it down. But other members decided they were going to break off from the lizardmen and attack the bog thing; which gave both the bog thing and the lizardmen a strategic gap in our defense to move to. The bog thing sent root tendrils out to hold us in place, I was held but fortunately Avandra has provided me with combat abilities to use at range. The bog was defeated quickly enough thanks to the efforts of everyone at this entrance allowing us to switch back to the lizardmen. I needed to use all of my and Avandra’s healing skill to keep this entrance sealed to the lizardmen.

Once we finished we went to assist the other entrance. With the full force we quickly defeated the lizardmen there. The orcs wasted little time in attacking; they must have been amassing the small force, while we were in the second fight with the lizardmen. They opened the door and rushed out with a direwolf. We defeated the wolf but used some special attacks to do it. At one point I though Moreland had gone crazy or suicidal; he acted like he was in a berserker rage or some kind of spinning dervish rushed by us attacking all of the orcs and then rushed right back out. During the attack ha paused like he was going to keep going or stop there and go defensive. That would not have been good as I had no way of getting to him to help.

We defeated the orcs and began the decent down into the depths of the ruins.

Taldarin Journal Entry

As the rustling around us continued, we strained our eyes past the muck of the swamp… more lizardmen. Luckily, we only had two small openings in the tower to defend! The lizards approached. Morland, Travis and I defended one opening and Destan, Adric and Faedris protected the opposite side. Sooner than we anticipated, the walls of the tower was invaded by vines, which coalesced into a large treelike figure. Travis stuck the tree creature, knocking on its back. I sung an arcane verse of triumph, as I slashed at the tree with a valorous strike of my sword. My voice crescendo-ed as I sung of victory, my inspirational voice driving my allies forward to attack. The vine creature’s assault didnt end there, It plunged its roots into the ground, and they erupted out of the earth. It grasped Morland and Travis with its vines, and I leaped out of the way, slashing at them with my sword. We continued to take out the lizardmen one by one, Its very clear that the vantage point atop the tower walls was highly advantageous to them. Humerously, a lizardman who attempted to climb over the wall to gain an advantage fell to the ground with a loud thud. Haha! try to get the jump on us will you!
Morland, Travis and I continued to strike down our scaly foes, and one by one we over took them over. No horns were sound at the end of this battle, the dead bodies of lizardmen scattered about as the thick ichor of lizard blood seeped into the murky pools of the swamp. We had even less time to rest our now throbbing muscles and joints. Morland was in rough shape, bleeding into the earth, barely able to move, I sung out a magestic word, but his tired body was far to tired to receive its arcane benefits. Unfortunately for him, the orcs on the other side of the door started to rank up, as did we. Adric and I took the front lines, and readied for an assault. As the door swung open, We were immediately confronted by a dire wolf! A wolf the size of a horse! there was a group of 4 orcs wielding greatswords and another shaman type of orc, all ranked up on a staircase about 10 feet wide that seems to corkscrew down into the complex. I ran up and stuck the wolf with my sword, guiding my allies to attack its weakpoints. We heard arcane chanting, and a large hammer formed above our heads, and it slammed down, knocking us all to the ground. Unfortunately for me, the dire wolf took advantage of my weakened state, and began to bite at my legs and arms as I lay on my back. I stood back up, and we began making progress on the orcs behind the wolf, I shouted a loud shout of Triumph, pushing the orcs up against the staircase wall, Faedris teleported in and immobilized the orcs and Morland then shifted all the way to the back of the hall, slamming his fists and feet into the orcs as he nimbly shifted back out of the stairway, truly legendary! Adric continued to slash at the orcs with his axes, and pelted them with thunder and Eldrich energy. Morland then took the front line and I empowered him with the virtues of valor, the closer he got to death, the more fury his fists attacked with. Eventually we struck down all the orcs, and decided that we desperately needed to rest.

Taldarin Journal Entry

After speaking with Alfonz, we traveled to the southern region of Armanac setting off to rescue Ann Thebeaux, where we found a small town. The inhabitants of the town seem to believe that the Priory of Dharning is behind the multitude of attacks that have been happening all over armanac. I had an interesting run in with a local man. He was the rambling type, disheveled and possibly homeless. I successfully convinced him that it was the fate hunters that was behind the attacks, and not the Priory. Its not much but his insane ramblings may just be the seed we need to clear the priories name in the region when the fate hunters are finally exposed for what they are.
The craziest aspect of this encounter is actually a pair of old statues in the center of the town, the first, looked to Travis and Destan, to be a statue of a young Alfonz. The second was certainly a statue of Gedemar Grayspar, as recognized by Adric. Speaking with the old man, we learned that this pair of “heroes” protected the city from an invasion of lizardmen from the swamp that surrounds one border of the town about 20 years ago. Of course, the prison in which Ann Thebeaux happens to be held hostage in is the same swamp which the lizardmen originated from in this past attack. It seems like we will be getting our feet wet!
We reached the outskirts of a tower in shambles. Defending the tower, was of course, lizardmen. Poison darts and blood rained down upon us, and we all nearly lost our lives in the fight. The biggest challenge of this fight was certainly reaching our foes. I continued to spout arcane insults at them, but the lizardmen would continuously catch thier balance as they began to fall off the wall. As we were finishing off the last few lizardmen, one took out a large horn and let out a sound blow. Clearly a warning to fellow lizardmen! After the battle we regained our composure, and rested our tired muscles. A door inside the tower housed the eyes of an orc, laughing at us, and spitting insults. We began to hear the rustling of the swamp outside the tower, it seems as though we will need to hold the tower!

The Escape

We fought our way through the guards with the intent to knock them unconscious. We then climbed up and over to the outer city. While going through it we noticed we were being followed by a shadowy figure on the rooftops. We lost whoever or whatever it was. And went to Adris’ dwarven friend’s tavern. Taldarin and Moorland went back to get the sword we paid for with the artificer and the wizard school. After awhile we had not heard from them and suspected something went wrong. As we getting ready to re-enter ourselves, Destan received a sending from Cardinal Julian. Saying “Taldarin was with him, they did not know where Moorland, was get out of town, He will smuggle Taldarin out where do they want to meet”? Destan said “have him meet me at the camp site we were staying at the other night”. A short time later Moorland came in and we left to go to the camp.

Moorland told us of the story about meeting Servalan Wetbush, it did not help to explain all of her actions, why did she cut Taldarin. At the same time they also noticed the shadowy figure and that is where they separated Moorland going to the roofs to follow. He never did catch up and because they had previously told the guards to watch for that figure on the roof. He had to go to the ground again.

From the camp meetup we decided to go meet Alfonce. We all went into the back room for a game of stones. This was just an excuse. We explained everything to him, I also discovered he was the one who had me secreted in the Fate Hunters, I told him if I had known I would have done more to stay. We sent several sendings out to get more info. The most important was that Ann would be interrogated short through a mind-reader. We decided to go rescue her then and there.
Alfonce provided horses and food; and we left to rescue her.

Attack at the Inn

We were attacked by agents of the Fate Hunters, including a goliath by the name of Lokag. He was previously a member of the party. But he turned on the party and was probably involved in the arresting of Ann Thibeault.

While in the Inn the evening before I heard that, one of my relatives or more than likely one of my relatives is Lord General of Armenac, Servalan Wetbush. She probably had something to do with my assignment to the Fate Hunters. I can only conclude it was for one of 2 reasons
1.She wanted someone on the inside to spy on their actions and report back. If this was true she never contacted me with anyway of contacting her so this is unlikely.
2.She believes in the actions of the Fate Hunters or is not fully aware of their actions. This shows a lack of information or just bad judgment.

Since she did not wish to see me when I was at the palace or help in any way with the battle at the Inn, I do not wish to talk to her at this time either.

The attackers had a fire mummy with them, had a major lack of control. He did almost damage to them as he did to us. We did defeat them but left the inn in flames and come to find out all other occupants had left. My healing abilities were nearly fully consumed until that mysterious refreshing feeling of full recovery.

OH, yes that. I had my back to Lokag when he died and was pouring a potion into Destin before pulling him out of a fire. A sudden jolt of impact/ Energy entered my back, for just an instant I thought it was going to burn because of an attack from the fire mummy. But instead I was instantly rested and fully recovered. I spoke with Taldarin about what had happened. He describes a pearly white iridescent energy sphere impacted my back and entered it, leaving no marks on the armor or clothing. I spoke with Destin later and told him Lokag may not have been completely under his own control. If I should start acting odd he should detain me and attempt to expel the energy. Failing that, well failing that he should do what it takes to exact vengeance upon the person or people that caused my death.

Back to the fight, during the battle my healing and fighting abilities proved to be very helpful. After finishing the fight and with the second floor on fire we went to leave only to find the city guards downstairs waiting in the company of a strange pair of “men”. One in a hooded robe that was so deep and dark we could not see his face and the other was on a leash with his eyes removed. The hooded one had some kind of beard that appeared to move on it’s own like the tentacle servants of Ann’s. He had the other end of the leash in his hand.

The blind man was mumbling something about “they should have died all the fates say that 4 died upstairs”. We left out the back door and separated some on the roof others mixing in the crowds. We eventually found the sewers to be our best way to move around, so we jumped in.

While down there and taking small rests, we were attacked by some alligators and a Jelly like cube. We came to the end of the sewers by following it down stream only to find a steel grate blocking our escape. We retraced our steps until we were back under the city and near a wall. Moreland left the sewers to scout out a way up and over the wall.

He came back and we gave him the rope with the plan to have him climb up first then we will all leave after 5 minutes or so and climb the rope he hangs over the edge. We were aware that we may be attacked while here. And we are being attacked now.

The Tale of Adric Greyspar - 10/31
Sewers are like dungeons that smell better.

So, where was I?

Ah yes. A fine time at the Hammer and Tongs it was, and good to know that the dwarves were well represented in these lands. Truly, it was good to have some civil company after the week in the woods with elves and humans. But, it was not to last and I was recovered by my companions as we headed to an inn deeper in the city.

I was told it was a “nice” inn. I suppose by human standards, but the bed was soft and the ale flat and I found it hard to sleep. Not that I would get much anyway! Just as I was settling in after the tossing and turning there were damn greenskins bursting through my door! These were Fate Hunters too – I didn’t like em much before but now with greenskins they were really starting to burn my beard. Literally too, let me tell you, one of em was shooting fire out of his belly. He was big and wrapped in filthy bandages, and his eyes burned red like a forgefire. And there he was throwing balls of flame that he grabbed right out of his guts! Don’t look too scared lads, I cut him down good – he won’t be troubling you outside of your nightmares.

Now as you know, no greenskins can withstand the blade of a Greyspar axe, by Moradin’s beard they weren’t the first nor last. But firebelly there had to go and spill his fireguts all over the inn, and so we had to take off. Not that I minded, really, I think I’d rather sleep on the cold hard stone of an alleyway than in another fluffy bed. But that wouldn’t be the case either. Damn guards tried to arrest us for setting the inn on fire! I thought we were doing them a favor, personally, since I’m sure ol’ firebelly doesn’t put himself out before turnin’ in for the night. And it probably wasn’t good for business to have the damn orcs traipsing around. But there’s no reasoning with humans when they get all excited and there’s fire about. And while I probably would’ve been more comfortable in a dungeon for the night, I still had to find Papa Jeddamar. Destan and Travis didn’t seem too keen on bein captured either, on account of their being wanted criminals and all, so we got on out of there.

And wouldn’t you know it, guards keen on arrestin’ us were prowling all over the damn streets! Luckily, When I was in the Hammer n’ Tongs earlier I got to talkin about the sewer system in the city. Seemed as good a place as any to make our move, so off we went. Damn bard kept complaining about the smell and the filth, but he musn’t have ever been to a good ol’ dwarven mud wrestlin’ match. But even the sewers held their own dangers. I ever tell you about the time ol’ Adric killed the jellycube? Well let me tell it again.

First came the crocodiles. Crocodile skin is green just like orcs, and never a green skinned beast have I met that didn’t cut nice and clean when it met the axe. But then this big square jelly beast came shambling down the sewerway, filled with all manner of trinkets that it gobbles up and dissolves right inside of it there. I woulda been just fine lettin it past, honestly it was probably a pretty good system for dissolving waste and I’ve told Engineer Bronzequartz that we should look into getting some for our own sewers. But this one had a taste for dwarves and it came right at me. Well I was hacking away and away with Destan and Moorland right there with me when it gobbled me straight into it! Moradin knows that cube did wonders for me dry skin problem as it ate away at me, but that didn’t stop me, no sir. Jellycubes can be cut down just as well from the inside as the outside, and before you know it, it was nothing more than more ooze washing down the sewer canal.

The sewer didn’t turn out to be the best way out in the end though. Ran up against solid iron bars that not even Moorland and I could break down. So we sent the shifter back up top to find a way through the gates. I wanted to go with, but these dwarven feet don’t fall quite so soft, so they left me with the bard to listen to him complain some more. Eventually, Moorland comes back with an idea. “We go over the wall” he says. Now, you know me, might be the best dwarf climber the kingdom’s ever seen…have I ever told you about the time I scaled a two story building to cut off the head of a goblin necromancer? Maybe another time…anyway, I love this idea. Moorland and I head up first, managing to sneak past the guards no problem. We get the humans up too, Destan and Travis make it with little trouble. Fadris was going to teleport through the bars and meet us outside the gate, which is good, because let me tell you what happened to the other elf. Man if he could climb half as well as he could sing we woulda been okay, but it was a hell of a time dragging him up that wall. And then, he’s about 10 feet from the top, and we hear the shouting. He’s been seen!

But we’ll get into that next time.

Travis Wetbush

While being tracked and chased through the countryside by a squad from the Fate Hunters, I ran into a party of heroes who helped me to defeat the squad chasing me. They were being led by a man that was familiar, although he says his name is Destin. I do not recognize it.

I am going to stay with this group because my skills can be used here and they seem also to have a grievance against the Duke. I must admit Destin does seem to have an ability to lead them through a battle with clear precise decisions and commands.

We entered a manor house of a friend of Destin’s, an Ann somebody or other. They servants were acting sluggish and irrational, and then suddenly tentacles burst out of them and they attacked. The group fought admirably and like I anticipated my skills were needed. Upstairs there was a necromancer enchanting burnt letters and books causing them to mend themselves. We managed to convince him to give us a look at them. But he eventually saw through the deception and attacked.
He animated the dead bodies and we had to slay them all. Again fortunately for the party I was there as my ability to rebuke the undead and send their tortured souls back to where they were was what saved the party from an almost certain death.

After leaving Ann’s manor we headed west to within a sight of the capital of the realm. I, because I was the most capable, had to cast a sending spell to contact my trainer and a friend if Destin’s. We will meet him soon.

There is some secret society that Destin is a part of The Priory of Dawning. Destin’s past and how I know him is a nagging question that keeps coming up when I look at him. The Priory seems to be being framed for stuff the Fate Hunters are doing, which from my experiences seems quite possible. Also though having been on the inside of a corrupt group has tainted my opinions of SECRET groups so I will remain skeptical until I see proof or gain true answers to their goals.
Some of the party members arranged to have a letter of introduction sent to the king discussing the possibility of a threat to the realm. Prince Bernard attended the meeting in the Kings place as the King is feeling ill. The Prince was aware of the Fate Hunters and did recognize me. I spoke up as to the actions of the Fate Hunters and said nothing to the purpose of the Priory.

Destin also gave us info of the court affairs that only someone with intimate knowledge could know. It seems he believes that the Duke is the Princes advisor so what we say will get back to the Duke most assuredly.

We told the Prince which Inn we were staying at. Out of direct fear of actions from the Duke or maybe even the Prince we stayed in 2 rooms with the group split in the most powerful way possible. Which was again direct input from Destin, Destin has a good grasp of leadership as well as where and how to place your forces.

Story for 10/17/10

In the mountains, Adric returned to the Library of Jerudim. He met the dwarves guarding the site and asked for resupply. He asked if they had spare armor and they said no. The dwarves then began to drink. Eventually Adric bet his magic gloves for the magic chainmail held by another dwarf. They engaged in a Dwarven drinking contest involving both drinking and hurling axes. Adric’s ability with an axe was not well represented, but his ability to hold his liquor was and he managed to obtain a prized suit of chainmail.

With Convey and Shamash he headed towards the home of Anne Thibault. One morning Convey, using a Sending, discovered that his mother was in trouble. He and Shamash set off immediately to try and help her while Adric was sent to inform the others of what had happened. They pair promised to be in touch via Sending.

When Adric reached the home of Anne Thibault he heard sounds of battle and raced in to help his fellows battle a Fate Hunter necromancer. After defeating the necromancer the party holed up to rest. In the night some villagers came by and told the party that a servant from the Thibault’s manor had come to home, transformed into a monster, and killed three people. The villagers were spooked, but Taldarin helped to calm them down and the party learned that Anne had been taken by Duke Tristan de Durand.

Thinking over their situation the party decided to contact Alphonce, another member of the Priory, but to maximize their chances of finding him with the Sending spell they decided to travel to the center of Armenac, which was near the capital.

When they reached the capital, Taldarin, Moorland, and Fadris went in to see if they could find magic items. Adric went in to get drunk. Adric quickly found the Hammer and Tongs, a dwarven bar where he found some other dwarves to drink with and discuss the new alliance between Armenac and Dorvor.

The other three went a place called the University, despite the fact that it wasn’t really a school, but a loose group of mages who sold their services. They met the master artificer, Kilvin. Kilvin questioned them, and the party fell back on telling the truth. They explained that Moorland’s tribe and monastery had been killed. Kilvin told them rumors about the Priory of Darning being responsible for horrible monsters attacking people. He agreed to trade magic items with the adventurers. Taldarin tried to convince him to lower his price be playing up Moorland’s story of woe. Kilvin was moved, but instead of dropping his price offered a letter of introduction by which they could visit the king.

With this new news the three left the city to fetch Destand and Travis who had not entered due to their criminal status. The band they went to meet the king. Who actually met them was Prince Bernard. The Prince recognized Travis, but did not seem to call him a traitor and he almost seemed to recognize Destan. The party told him the story of the Fate Hunters and gave him three of the Fate Hunter rings. He seemed greatly concerned and assured them he would look into it. He admitted to them that Duke Laurent had been given leave to build a special military force, but he did not recognize the name Fate Hunters.

The prince dismissed them and asked them to stay on town. He told them an inn to stay at. The party was wary of people knowing where they were, but they also did not want to miss a summons by the prince so the stayed at the inn, but were wary and kept watch. The wariness proved warranted as late at night someone came…

Story for 9/26/10

The party split up. Adric, Shamash, and Convey headed to visit the Dwarves guarding the Library of Jerudim so Adric could get some chainmail. The others headed to the home of Anne Thibault in hopes that she could aid them.

Elsewhere an ex-soldier named Travis Wetbush was fleeing. He had recently been recruited into the Fate Hunters by mysterious means, but when he witnessed the massacre at Devlin’s Ford he deserted. He was followed by another Fate Hunter known as ‘The Knife’. Luckily for him he encountered the party. Slightly unsure of what was happening the party hesitated, but when the Knife instructed his gnoll companions to kill them all, it became clear as to what side they were on.

After defeating ‘The Knife’, the talked with Travis and found he was a ex member of the Fate Hunters and had on one of the tin rings. Destan and Travis realized they half recognized each other from their youth and Travis, accused of desertion and of being a traitor, decided to join the party.

The group continued on to the home of Anne Thibault, but all was not well there. Outside was a sign declaring that the lands of Anne Thibault had been claimed by the king and that she was a traitor.

Inside they met servants who seemed greatly distressed. They told the adventurers that Anne Thibault had been taken and one cried out, “They put things in our ears…” They then transformed into horrible monsters with tentacles instead of heads. Battle was joined and the party fought hard to overcome their bizarre abillities.

Continuing their search of the house they met a man, a member of the Fate Hunters based on his ring, who seemed to be reconstructing papers that had been burned. Taldarin’s gilded tongue managed to convince the man to talk and he even showed him the documents he had recovered, but Taldarin’s story became confused and he made demands and eventually the man turned on them, raising slain servants to attack the party.

The papers were from the Priory of Darning and had some interesting notes:

  • The Priory had planned on killing Jedamar Greyspar, Vincent Ayers, Laurent de Bellomey
  • “I bear ill news. The child has been killed. The shifter tribe he was living with was wiped out. I fear we must find another weapon against the Duke.”
  • A letter from Alfonce, “Anne, I believe it is past time for us to tell Destan more about the Priory of Darning. I understand that you feel he may react badly to certain details, but he has gained great maturity over the years and I think he would be more useful if he knew more.”
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