Unraveling the Tapestry

Taldarin's Journal 3/27

After conversing with the seer, we decided the best course of action was to do a sending to Servalan Wetbush, Aunt of travis. Considering the fact that Alfonz had send travis a sending that his family had been killed, this seemed like the best immediate course of action. Servalan responded and was in need of speaking to Travis, so we decided to make the 12 day journey south to the swampy home of the Wetbush family. On our journey we say a number of peasants on the trail being chased by some horrible creatures! Two carrion crawlers, a couple of the tentacle headed monsters, and a small beholder on the road! We engaged the creatures, and to our dismay, they nearly flew across the battlefield tentacles lashing in every direction, Travis blessed Adrics warhammer as i sung a song of courage, destan continuously allowed for more strategic attacks from Adric. I hit the beholder with my compulsion, causing the creature to wander behind some treecover, only to reappear again, it seemed to have found some inner desire to fight, as it blasted adric and myself with beams from its eyes. I wrestled in the tangled web of one of the creatures tenticles, its grasp dragging me along and burning my flesh with evil energy. I uttered a majestic word, and slid out of its grasp. The battle continued until only the beholder remained, we found that our weapons sunk into its soft hide as if we had struck the side of a horse. we surrounded it and beat it down. The peasants and commoners of the road ran to us and thanked us for our service, and I made a bold step by revealing ourselves as the Priory of Dharning. They were shocked at first, but eventually realized that the fate hunters were the ones summoning the monsters, and the priory was fighting against them. They accepted us into thier village nearby, and we ate, drank and rested for we were hero’s! (to this small town…) but they gave us the name of thier town and upon requesting, agreed to give us safe haven if needed. Upon approaching Servalan’s quarters, she embraced Travis. I asked her if she had met me in the capitol, and if she maybe had stolen my blood, but she didn’t ever hear of such a thing and completely brushed me off. She told Travis that her position was being taken over by a dwarven general, and that to keep the wetbush estate, he would have to marry. He already had a bride set aside… Flourance Ayers! (later did I find out that this was “Destan’s” sister!) I offered to be in charge of planning the wedding, and Servalan appointed me the position. We rode out to meet the carriage carrying lady Ayers, a women of little political importance, but of great wealth. The party didn’t want to enter or even go near the carriage, so of course I offered to go in to greet her and to discuss the matters of the wedding. After the short trip, I got to work, the wedding was in 3 days! The next three days went by quickly, the two wanted a quick simple wedding, and So it was. They both said I do, and i revealed a special surprise for them! i led Travis and his new bride to a room I set up with delicate champagnes and rose petals utop a nicely linened room. I led them inside and told them to have a good time! (listening at the door I didnt hear any springs squeaking, just talking so i cracked open the door just a hair to remind them of the petals. Seems as though the gentle reminder worked! There they were, already consummating the marriage! It brings a tear to my eye! The next day, Flourance revealed to us the existance of a secret lab of “Destans” father! We had Flourance send for a member of the academy to meet us at the Ayers estate so that we can take a linked portal to the secret location! Also, we showed Lady Servalan the fate hunters map, she was very interested and marked the dates in which the areas were attacked, Fadris noticed a pattern, and we now had some lead as to intercept a fate hunter attack on a village! We chose the nearest settlement not yet attacked that was on the way to the Ayers estate. We arrived… now we wait!

Forgotten fates, and the living lie:

In Spaga we rested and helped the refugees as well as Gerard. Alphonse was there and we asked him if he was the person in center of town and if he encountered the artifact in the domed room when he was here. It was him but he never entered the ruins proper. After questioning Gerard and Anne as well we learned that the map from Gerard’s lab had towns that were attacked circled on it, the question was did it have towns that were not attacked yet. Is this the Fate Hunter’s plans or just someone keeping track. We plan to find out.

We also learned that The Priory was foundered by 2 seers that were brothers and that one was not too far away. It appears that there were many seers from the same birth. Alphonse has provided us with a few useful items to help us discover more truths and plans. Of these items the bard was given a hat of disguise, this has exposed the bards chaotic side he is constantly pretending to be people he is not to trigger reactions from us.

With so many people having dreams and visitations of a different past I can’t keep track of what is real in this group sometimes, but I believe the Eladrin wizard had a visitation again. It seems he gains insight just after we have encounters and speaks of being told things. With the latest visitation the town was attacked by bloodthirsty goblins, someone called them Redcaps, I do not know if that is there species of just a clan name but we fought them off and got out of town as the wizard was warned to get out or bad things would happen. We left the refugees with Anne and Gerrard with Alphonseand Shamash decided to help escort the refugees.

We decided to go to a nearby town which was circled on the map and to the seer which was near there. While traveling there we met some dwarves and Adric took the opportunity to leave and learn of current events within the dwarven community. We get to the town and discovered that it had been attacked and that the people were blaming it on wolves. We suspected otherwise, the local constable also mentioned that these attacks are coming from DarShan. This is a new piece of information and it may have some validity to it. What if DarShan has been the source of these attacks? But the Duke’s power grabbing is still suspect. Would it be beyond the Duke to be in league with both DarShan and the dwarves if he could get more power by organizing the attacks to encourage the alliance between the dwarves and the Duke?

Well that night while camping outside of town we were attacked. Actually I was attacked while on duty. Thankfully I was alert and keeping a constant vigil. At the first sign of the attack I alerted the group and took a defensive posture. The creature was not of this world and his twisting and distortions made it appear at times as if he had split into 2. With attacks coming from multiple sides at times I felt like I had no hope to survive. I was knocked down and dazed twice thought my life would end there but I composed myself and got back in the thick of it. It had six legs the rear 2 were twisted and facing backwards. The next morning we brought the Remains back to the constable in town to show him the threat was defeated and that it was not a wolf. We also used this opportunity to discredit the fate Hunters and counter the slandering of the Priory.

When we met the Remial the Seer we discovered some interesting facts and almost useless though. The seer could see the way the world SHOULD be if the fates had not been tampered with so many years ago. We also learned that the fates have been twisted since before the dragon wars. This means that Destan is not the cause or the first event it started too long ago. I also heard Destan referred to as “Lord Ayers” as well as Fadris being called “Lord Evermoon”. To have these titles they would have to be the sons of powerful wizards and although Fadris is powerful or will be he is a Warlock not a wizard and Destan is not even that. There were many details that were different from our current truths and none that we could make the same. So although we learned a lot about how the fates have been changed it was useless unless we can go back to the point when it was changed and that we did not learn. We must press on and hope to find a way to stop the changes in the future.

The next day I had a sending from Alphonse. “My whole family was killed and Seralan was called back, I have new responsibilities now.”

Taldarin's Journal 3/13

After the attack on the town, we decided that we should assure that Anne and the other “nexi” were safe in their travels. Shamash volunteered to travel with them to assure their safety. The rest of us decided to head north to the town of Barrie, a town circled on the map we copied from Jerrard Vacendians room. Ah yes, Jerrard… There was some talk of ending his life, seeing as how he is a terribly evil individual, but he may serve some purpose in the future, so we had Alfonz arrange him to be kept (all be it not too securely) in a location we don’t know yet. Hopefully Barrie would turn out to be unharmed. From Barrie we will travel west to the house of Remial, the Seer, then we will go to the land of the dwarves, Dorvor, to attempt to disrut the alliance between the dwarves (The library may be a stop along our way as well). Traveling north, we came upon a band of dwarves, and Adric decided to travel with them for a short period of time and would meet up with us later. Still traveling north on the roads, We came upon more road travelers, those of which seemed to have all of thier wordly possessions in carts. We hailed him, and of course, he has heard that the Priory of Dharning has attacked Barrie and that the people of the small village to the north, landoc. We told him that the attacks seemed to match those of the fate hunters, and to be safe, as he was heading to the capitol. Upon reaching Landoc, we found a state of mild unrest, people packing up and the like. We went into the town hall, and were greeted by the mayor who assured us that everything was safe in his town, and that the real unrest was due to wolves in the area. A small bounty was placed on the head of any wolf slain. We thanked him for his time, but told him that we needed to investigate Barrie to the north, despite the fact that it has already been attacked. He bid us on our way, and we set off towards Barrie. After a short journey, the four of us that remained set up camp for the night. It was Travis’s watch, the rest of us slept, when all of a sudden something came out of the shadows and lept on Travis, scratching, biting, scratching some more, nearly mauling him into non existence. The rest of us snapped awake at his alarming cries, and I did my best to keep him alive with my chord of resilience which worked! After getting to our feet we realized that the creature was a hideous abberition, pulsating stomach and armor plating on its back. It had six legs which bent backwards, and terrible claws and teeth. We systematically fought and fought, despite the fact that the creature had tremendous strength and vigor. After a long fought battle which very nearly killed travis on multiple occasions, we eventually took the creature down, chunks of meat writhed and jiggled on the ground. We collected its armored plates and made our way back to Landoc. The mayor rewarded us 100 gp for our triumph, and we continued north yet again to Barrie. the route was generally uneventful until we reached the town. Men were around picking things up and looking around a pretty much ransacked city. After talking with them, we discovered they were guards of the duke of corithin. They believe that the attacks were from the land of the east. We asked to look around, maybe finding clues, or a bit of loot in the process. Finding nothing of interest or any clues whatsoever, we decided to be on our way, to the hut of the hermit-seer Remiel. The travel was uneventful, and upon approaching remials hut, we were recognized by him! He referred to Destan as “Lord Ayers” and Fadris as “lord evermoon.” It turns out that this seer’s powers were not to see things as they are or will be, but to see them as they should have been, if fate had not been altered. We learned much from Remial, but the importance of such knowledge is not well understood at this point. Apparently fate was altered nearly 70 years ago, when Remial was only 9. The 7 brothers felt a disturbance in fate, and a few started the Priory. Apparently the dragon war would never have happened either… so what caused the dragon war? a piece of knowledge that would very much aid our quest. After speaking with remial, we had 2 clear options ahead of us, either travel north to the land of the dwarves to seek out information in the library about the dragon wars, and then head to dorvor to stop the alliance, or travel to the other towns around armenac that have been circled and see if we can either save them or identify other Nexi and attempt to keep them safe in some way.

The rescue and escape:
After leaving the Mushroom caverns the path led to a hole in the floor which was a break in the dome of a large room. We used rope to get down Shamash was first as he entered a mechanical artifact in the center of the room glowed warmly, I was next. As I hit the floor the artifact came to life and the glow intensified dramatically. Several statues around the center dais animated and began to attack. We fought them off and defeated them. Around the rooms wall was a mural of humans fighting dragons as this tower is far older than the dragon wars of 80 years ago this mural is from a time long ago. Although interesting and mysterious it will not help us find Anne. We moved on, there was only one exit out of this room a set of double doors. On the other side of the doors was a small force of Duergars (deep Dwarves). Amazingly our Eladrin wizard ported himself deep into the room and incapacitated several for a short while. Although this was a great opportunity for us we were unable to capitalize because the dwarves retaliated by blinding and knocking us prone (we need to stop bunching up in doorways). After all the initial delays and the battle getting on in full, we were able to defeat them soundly with some strategic healing and powerful smiting of mine. From the other room we could hear Anne asking for help, we went in and freed her. We did some short healing and considered moving on deeper because as of yet we did not have a way out. But our stealthy shifter failed and alerted the rest of the Duergar to our presence. So I started to block the door and we went back into the domed room to get out. We had the shifter and Eladrin get up first by flying and teleporting, they dropped the rope. The Bard and I were the last ones down when the Duarger broke down the barricade. I got up quickly and the plan was to have the Bard just tie it off or hold on tight. But he tried to tie it off and climb at the same time well for awhile the duergar had a bard piniata. As the Duergar did not have an easy way out we managed to get back to Spaga with Anne and the people we rescued from the water room.
Taldarin's Journal 2/27

After reaching Anne, we were discovered by more duergar. We have to get out of here! we ran back to the dome shaped room, and moorland, with a little help, flew to the opening in the ceiling. Faedris teleported up, and adric climbed up with no trouble. Shamash made it up, after a few stumbles. Destan took anne on his back and climbed, with no problems As travis and I began to climb, duergar entered the chamber. Immediately i was shot, but luckily i managed to tie a rope to my ankle, and did not fall. My friends up top pulled me farther and farther up towards the hole, and I managed to climb a few feet myself. After we reached the top, they had no way of following us, and we got away safe! We continued back the way we came, collecting the prisoners, and we returned back to the town, through the swamp. Alfonz met us, and he and Anne shared an embrace. Alfonz had a room in the inn made up for us, and we questioned him and anne about the priory and the manipulators of fate. apparently, the priory was founded by 2 seer brothers, who aimed at opposing those who attempted to manipulate fate. Apparently the eyeless man we saw weeks ago with the thing on the chain was a seer as well, and he must be working for the duke. Uriel is the leader of the fatehunters, could this be the same seer? Moorland learned of his ancestry to a seer, and that he was a special weapon against the duke. He agreed to leave our party and stay with the priory of dharning. After the questioning, Alfonz upheld his promise at providing us with some magical gear. A new suit of mirrorsheen armor, and a hat of disguise for myself, ooh, this hat will be great fun! That night, the minstrel girl came into my room and made advances, and how well they were received! At the expense of keeping my fellow adventurers up, we had a great time. In the morning, i put on my new hat, turned into the image of Gedemar greyspar that i saw from the town center, and knocked on Adrics door, he was very surprised to see his father standing before him! (little did he know, it was me all along!) I realized that the illusion created by the hat does not effect my voice, only my appearence, so after i had my moment of fun, i transmuted back to myself, “gotcha” hahaha! He didnt find it nearly as amusing as I did. We spent a couple days in this little town, I spent most of the time reviewing and mastering the rituals we found in the deep pocketed cloak. On the second day, faedris apparently had another vision, and we were warned there was a dark force in the town, we heard screams nearly immediately outside. Rushing out, we saw the entire courtyard was full of small creatures! some had sickles, and were gleefully cutting down the townsmen, we must stop them! Springing to action we fought off the creatures! Now that shamash is using a shield, we cannot be defeated! the creatures swung at him over and over, and simply couldn’t pierce his defenses, oh the joy of having a true defender in the party! After the fight, we collected ourselves, and reconviened in the town center.

Taldarin's Journal 2/13

We pressed forth from the room of the giant mushrooms, wondering what fate had in store for us next. We continued on down a narrow tunnel, only to find a small hole in the floor. Peering through the hole, a large machine sat surrounded by multiple metal figures. Statues maybe? We decided to climb down, but how? there was a significant pile of rubble laying around, but not nearly enough to lash a rope to, so Adric and moorland decided to hold the rope while shamash descended into the large dome shaped room. Murals of dragons and men lined the walls, and some strange glyphs. Travis was next, and as he was descending down the rope, the machine whirred to life. the machine said something about dragons not breaking the human spirit, what is this all about? A large pulse of energy waved through the room, and slowly the statues began to move, just the joints at first, shaking the years old dust from their armor. Maybe the dragonborn set these creatures to life! Quickly Shamash climbed the rope again, maybe this would placate the machine, but once it started it didnt stop. another pulse of energy waved from the machine, and the statues, even more than before, became alive… No… not alive… these weren’t statues at all, they were undead! Quickly we climbed down the rope, adric, shamash moorland and lastly, leaving the rope for fadris to hold, myself. But Fadris did a wonderful job, and I did not fall. The battle continued, the machine in the center sending pulses of energy, revitalizing the nearby undead guardians. One by one we took them out, leaving the machine. I got a few seconds to look at it, and I felt an energy radiating from it, one which i felt was actually holding the walls of the dome together! no wonder this place hasn’t collapsed in years! After the fight, I sensed some magic coming from what seemed to be the leader, on his corpse we found a rare magic warhammer, a holy symbol of Ioun for the cleric, and a very large shield, potentially a useful item for our paladin, despite the fact that he uses large weapons, not large shields. there were four exits leading out of the dome room, and only one wasnt blocked so our way was clear. We continued on to find a large door. Inside the room, Adric heard the grunting of dwarves. We opened the large door which led to a small room. Immediately fadris teleported in and disabled a crowd of them. Then we were pummeled by a rain of fire and noxious gas, my allies around me knocked onto thier backs. Luckily for me, I was still standing, but blind! it took us a few seconds to get into the room and ready to act, but once we began the beatdown, it didnt stop. Taking out the duregar one by one, we eventually cowed the final two into surrendering. We collected a bit over a hundred gold pieces, a potion of vigor and an elixir of accuracy, both valuable draughts indeed! The cries of Anne Theabeaux were audible from the next room, we have saved her!

Don't eat the Mushrooms
Flooded mushrooms

The prisoners were trapped with us inside the flooding room. So we swam through the only exit not the one we came in. it lead to a natural passage with a wooden ladder. We climbed into the jail and found Shamash there, as well as the old apprentice of Vincent Ayers, Gerard Visendion. He had been blindedand had his hands cut off and he was suffering dementia. His apprentice, Sarin Kole, had betrayed him and was the one down below we defeated. We found the tin rings of the Fate Hunters all cut up in a lab and in the center of that little bulge is a drop of blood. That was the source of the magic.

We found another hole in the floor in a locked room with weights on the cover of the hole. This lead to a natural cavern with living Mushrooms/ Myconids, they attacked and an ability to redirect the blow to them to other myconids nearby. Our shifter being as fragile as he is kept dropping it was a challenge keeping him up. Eventually with all of my available skills we kept him up for an attack that devastated the shrooms. We then healed and continued on to another room of shrooms where we hesitated and could quickly see we were going to lose the battle so after a short regroup. We re-entered and proceeded to destroy the myconids.

We discovered 2 exits out of this room one to what the Bard and Wizard say is the Fey realm, and the other deeper into the complex. I know the fey with us wanted to leave and head back to their realm, but they are staying for now. I will have to wait and see for how much longer they stay before leaving for their own quests.

Taldarin's Journal 1/23

We continued forward from the area inhabited by the myconids, and down a longer path, we came across another room, this one filled with giant colorful mushrooms, probably about 5 or 10 feet tall. It was immediately apparent that there were also a large number of myconids in this room, and unfortunately for us, one which was about 10 or 15 feet tall! We ran up, shamash in the lead, he stepped forward, challenging the myconids with a large breath of acid. the myconids came forward, in a large line, and one by one pummeled us with clouds of spores which stung the bodies and eyes of my allies. luckily for me, I didn’t have the pleasant opportunity to feel the sting of these spores, as I’ve recently learned the value in staying in the back lines, and firing upon the enemies with my implement…valorously of course. Step by step, we were forced to retreat, and yes, after Shamash blessed his weapon for the day. the hallway was long, but not more than a few hundred feet. luckily for us, we were only chased to a point, then they stopped. Wondering if it was safe, shamash peaked his head around the corner to find that all the myconids positioned themselves in the room strategically, and with readied actions. Shamash got fired upon twice, and quickly decided that we needed to get out, and fast. We went back to the previous room where the first fight against the myconids occured and rested up. We took quite a beating! we returned, and the creatures were farther in the room, which allowed moorland to sneak in undetected, and the rest of us to spread out. Now that we’ve seen what these creatures can do, it should be no problem avoiding thier burst effects. These mushrooms in this room though, they seem to have some sort of effect on those underneath them, moorland, to test this, bumped a mushroom with his elbow, and to our surprise, he was rewarded with new found vigor! we looked around that the other mushrooms, and one by one uncovered thier secret. one had spores which felt wonderful on the skin, and one made the world spin with colors, everyone around seemed to be an enemy! and one rained poison spores down onto the lucky recipient. Thank correllon it was destan and his disguisting suit of armor that bumped that mushroom, so he didnt get to feel its poisonous sting. We clearly had better tactics the second time around, and made relativity short work of the myconids. During the entire combat I had this incredibly nostalgic feeling, as though i was home, and only after did I realize that I without a doubt felt the brilliance of the Fey brimming with energy from a corridor coming off the room with the mushrooms. This could be a way home! If only we were here on some other occasion, we could investigate this corridor further, but we have a mission, we must save Anne Theabeaux!

Taldarin's Journal 1/16

We rested our muscles and looked around the flooded room for anything of interest. Immediately, I noticed an air of magic around a cloak the mage was wearing. It had many pockets on the inside, and within the pockets were some ritual items and a book. What an item! upon looking through the cloak, we found that it was indeed magical, able to hold a thousand pounds of loot! The book is of utmost importance to me, due to the fact that it is full of amazing rituals! I will begin studying these rituals tonight and in a few days time, I’m sure that I will be able to master them all in about a week or two. Moorland and Adric swam into a tunnel to the side of the room to scout ahead, the five surviving prisoners identified that that is where they were being kept, and that there was a “dragonborn” being held. The only dragon born i’ve known to this point was shamash, but could it be him? Didn’t he accompany Convey on a mission from his father? After they returned, they deemed it safe to swim, and we all took to the water. Upon resurfacing, we again were faced with some choices. a couple bedrooms and a jail room. To our surprise, Shamash was indeed being held in a cell! moorland got the keys and freed him, and there was a small chest and an axe on the wall, all of which Shamash recovered, and re-equipped. Finally, a beast who can take a hit! I no longer have to trouble myself with the front lines! We continued back to the central room, and entered another door, inside was a horrid sight. A man with horribly infected pussy maggoty cut off hands and his eyes gorged out lay tied to a bed. This man knew of the 5 prisoners we saved, and he knew My adoptive father (whicis also Fadris’s father) Imminnis Evermoon, a man of the Feywild, as well as Destans and Adrics fathers. This is truly peculiar. This man was apparently Destans fathers apprentice, and he went against Destans father, and then the duke, which is how he ended up in the state he is currently in. Travis did his best to heal the wounds just to bring this man out of suffering. We left him where he was, and continued on to find Anne Thibeaux. We came to a room full of moss, clearly undisturbed for at least awhile, on the floor lay many boards. We cleared the boards off the hole, and continued down the path, hoping that this last path was the one which Anne was being held. To our dismay, a large force of mushroom people called myconids attacked us. It was immediately evident that focus fire wouldnt work on this group, since they could share their wounds with each other. We hacked and hacked away, and nearly immediatly, moorland went down, and stayed there for most of the fight. Finally, my majestic word granted him a breath of life and he immediately sprung to life and eradicated the remaining of the larger myconids, he never ceases to amaze me. After the battle, we proceeded back up the path to rest, as Adric and moorland were grasping closely to death. I pondered over the “Enchant magic Item” ritual, and Travis took his turn learning the “lower water” ritual. Maybe we will be able to escape from the horrible murky water back in the main room afterall.

The flooded room

The descent lead to a circular chamber where the orcs must have been staying, we rested here. Below this room was another circular, room this one had shackles on the wall and another flight of stairs spiraling down but it was covered with wood. I suggested making an alarm by using the shackles on the wood.

Below we encountered tough goblins, with skin that was as tough as stone. Sections of the stairs were missing but had unstable wooden planks spanning the gaps. It seemed the tough ones attacked first and got in our face while the weaker ones used missile fire and stealth to hinder the support lines. At the bottom there was only one exit into a room with tiered levels, it looks like there previously 3 levels here.

But the center of our attention was the wizard torturing the Goblin in the center of the room. There were other prisoners chained around the room, all including the one with the wizard had Runes carved into them, as a matter of fact the wizard was still carving the runes into the goblin he was torturing. As we entered a Half-Orc left from the other side and started to flood the room as he closed off his exit.

Mooreland, Destin, and Adric attacked the Wizard thinking he was the most dangerous target. But the wizard spawned/ released a thing of horror and despair at the time of the goblins death. As it attacked we knew the wizard was not the most dangerous it was. I went to release the prisoners before they could drown; we also had to remove the runes so they did not twist into another of those creatures. However 2 creatures still twisted and attacked me. I could not provide any support to the rest of the team; I had to spend all my time and energy keeping myself alive. Eventually I had help but I still dropped.

We did defeat everything and saved all but the 3 that twisted into those horrors. We still need to get the prisoners out of here and the exits are now flooded.


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