Unraveling the Tapestry

Taldarin's Journal 7/24

From within the Freezer room, we discussed the possibility of opening the remaining two freezers. We chose to leave them for now but before we leave this place, we will open them in case there are people who need rescuing. We decided to venture north from here. We came upon another crossroad, to the west another one of those horrible undulating tentacles, with faces and other body parts seemingly poking out. We heard whispering… Greyspar….. Greyspar…! Adric armed himself, the tentacle lunged at him, and adric lept out at it, slashing it with his axe. Unfortunately , smaller tendrils wrapped around his arms, and then his body, eventually sucking him into its mass. We could see a small bulge suck in a northern and upward direction, we must try to save him! We ventured north a bit more. we came to a long hallway lined in spikes, with statues of bat like creatures lining the walls, and on platforms 20 feet up. Fadris and Shamash went first, any time spikes line a corridor, there are bound to be traps. The walls were cruder than the surrounding architecture of the main lab, making it difficult to detect any seems in the walls. as we came further into the room, the bat like creatures turned from stone to flesh and they began to swoop down on us… Gargoyles! They dive-bombed us left and right, some of the smaller ones had large horns which they would use to fly down and impale us with. More than once did Destan find himself a victim of this charge, only later to be flown up above the spikes, ready to fall. I was knocked back onto the spikes once from one of the gargoyles. They would simply swoop down onto us and fly right back up onto the pedestals. How can we reach them like this! We took out the lesser gargoyles that stayed on the main floor. and identified the ones with horns as our next priority. We took out all but one gargoyle. Knowing he couldnt win, he flew up onto a pedastle and turned to stone. Thinking quickly, I hit him with staggering note, knocking the creatures down onto the spikes. When it turned back to flesh, we had a few seconds to pound down onto it, eventually taking it out. The room, now littered with rubble and dust, we continued on. Towards the opposite end of the hall, small bloodstains littered the floor. Further forward was a hallway with 2 portcullis blocking our entry. In the next room, we heard crying from a woman in a cell on the eastern side of the room. the entire room was filled with death, smelled of death, and felt like death. Dead bodies lay in some of the cells, and one had a shiny amulet. We continued toward the sounds of the crying. When we approached, the creature let out a horrible scream and lunged at us! a Ghost! Other zombies animated, including two very large zombies from the center of the room, and scarabs crawled out from the cracks in the wall. We were cornered in the hallway, zombies approaching from either side. The banshee simply touched shamash, disappeared, and suddenly shamash began lunging himself at us, oh no, domination! We decided to not attack shamash for now, lets destroy the rest of the zombies before dealing with him. Luckily for us, he snapped back to his old self, revealing the spirit. She shifted into a cell and slammed the door shut and locked it…Great… I was hit by one of the smaller sized zombies, and maggots crawled into my flesh, I felt a dread I have never felt before. The grasp of death never felt closer, and the horrible energy of death only pulled me faster and closer to the grave. We eventually killed one of the larger zombies, but to our dismay, it reanimated! Travis assured us they could only do this once though. We backed further into the hall, sandwiched closely together. We dispatched the spirit, and only have a few more zombies left to kill…



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