Unraveling the Tapestry

Taldarin's Journal 7/10

After raising Travis, the party decided to investigate the library. We split up, Kallric and I looked for books containing ancient rituals, and the rest of the party went to look for other books. During our searching, we found many books about dragons… and a section of books written in the same script that we found on the walls of the cavern depicting humans fighting dragons. I set up my ritual materials to perform the comprehend language ritual, but Kallric stepped in, he could read this script! The book discussed an original dragon war, one that was preceded by some catastrophic event. We delved deeper and found other curious information regarding dragons. We did end up finding a book containing rituals, and some very nice rituals were contained within their leather bound covers. Among them, some very useful rituals. The transfer enchantment ritual was unfortunately not found… but linked portal was! This means we can return to the lab if we desire! Also, we found the ritual that can be used to see anothers fate, but it requires some special components, not just alchemical reagents and the like. Past the ritual room, we decided to investigate the room with the mist in it… I decided to send the toy soldier forward, in a way to scout, but Destan confiscated it from me… jerk. So we just went in, it was very cold, the freezer? Yes, it must have been, there were fridges a good number of them lining the upper and lower levels of the room. We looked around, an open freezer with a small plaque that read : “Kallric Atru, Lost in time” beside the freezer, a small drawer, we opened it, and within, a book, Kallric’s ritual book! Kallric gleefully transferred the enchantment from my short sword to my unenchanted long sword, and Adrics warhammer into a waraxe. Now we’re talking! Another one of the freezers read “Volerium” or something, and there was another one that had some womans name, irelia? well she was pregnant… or so it said. The drawers next to those 2 had no items unfortunately. The last freezer with a plaque said “Shamash Thunderstrike, Mysteriously appearing Dragonborn” oh! Shamash? we looked in his drawer, the keepers shield! well, it certainly looked much older then it used to… why? We opened his Freezer and a blue goo came rolling off him, Travis went to brush the remaining goo off him and it began to boil, Goo monsters! Shamash came to, and we immediately began battling these horribly cold creatures. And cold they were! they engulfed us, causing lots of chilling damage, and while they were engulfing, it was very difficult to single them out, Im sure attackign our allies with this goo on them would result in some damage to them! It was a long battle, and the goo almost beat us down, but we eventually pulled through. Shamash told us his story, how he was going to the eastern front, and there was a flash of light. He and a small crew of dragonborn just disapeared. Shamash came back to and was tied down, similar to Kallric’s story, and again, Vincint Ayers had spoken to him, but this was years ago! Shamash had traveled back in time, Vincent had read his fate… and because of this, deemed it safe to freeze him and send him back to our time. Maybe somehow he knew we would meet back up with him. We saw that the freezer room reconnected to the library, and that the north and east passages were unexplored. We planned our next move, and headed down the corridor.



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