Unraveling the Tapestry

Taldarin's Journal 6/26

Other books came off the shelves as well, lashing at us with tenticle like projections from within them. Also to our dismay, 2 large floating beaked brains came floating in as well, also with large tenticle like projections. Immediately they floated towards us, grabbing us with their appendages, some of them even spewing acid upon our flesh. It was not a pretty sight at all. Fadris blinked to the top of a bookcase only to be grabbed by 2 beasts, and there he stayed, locked in combat with the two brains, unable to get away, as fadris often does. I utilized my powers mostly in ways to pull my allies away from the grabs, what else could I do? pushing a few away, pulling a few down, either way I tried my best to keep our team safe. Kallric confused the pair of brains for a few seconds, sending them into a stupor of mirrors within their own minds, but they broke free of the spell. These were tough creatures! We kept attacking and attacking, and they just wouldn’t fall, these were seriously some tough creatures! Finally, adric started landing a few strong blows on them, and we dwindled their numbers slowly. Upon winning the battle, we wasted no time…. to the ritual room! I was so excited, a whole room full of rituals! when we arrived though, the faint small of burnt earth and brimstone wafted into my nostrils… demons! we were bombarded by lightning over and over, small lightning shelled creatures kept launching large bolts towards us. Then we heard faint whispering “kill your friends… they are your enemies… harm them…” I shook this feeling, but travis darted an eye towards me, and swung his mace, I dodged, hey! its me! i yelled, he came to, the small quasit lost his grip on him… but poof! he disappeared! I ran forward and attempted to push the smaller demons back with my shout of triumph, “BACK FELL CREATURES! WE WILL DESTROY YOU!” and with a clap of thunder, I pushed a large number of them back, allowing kallric to land ice bombs all over the place. fadris jumped in, and immobilized the largest of the creatures, a 6 armed horrid thing, larger than us all. The battle was going in our favor, we were annihilating them! well… we were, and im not sure what happened, but the tides turned… we were continuously bombarded by lightning, and large ape like creatures beat thier chests and our faces over and over. Travis fell… the only one in the party with healing remaining… stay strong travis! after a few attempts to heal him, and one to many failed death saves, travis was slain… his horribly mutilated corpse lay bloody on the ground… and none of us are strong or knowlegable enough to raise him! What will we tell Lady Wetbush! We defeated the rest of the creatures, and wrapped travis’s body in cloth. After looking around the ritual room, we found many components for rituals… but no ritual books… Kern, were are the ritual books!? you said this was the ritual room! he replied that they are in the library… correllon damnit… a faint breeze of magic in the room made my arcane knowledge brim with excitement, Our rituals will certainly be stronger here… I can feel it! We ventured back out to the library, and found the collection of rituals… Lets see what rituals we’ve found…



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