Unraveling the Tapestry

Taldarin's Journal- 6/19

We squinted our eyes, down the dimly lit hallway we continued to hear the clunk, clunk… an iron golem…! but… it has moving parts, gears, levers and the such… this was no iron golem, just an automaton of some sort. It came at us but we surrounded it, making the golem a quick victim of the feywild! Adric found himself on the other side of the machine. Its attacks were simple, it would swing at us, and punch us, It was proving to be an easy battle. It slashed at travis, then punched him, both landed then its gears moved, and travis was grabbed by the machine, and it began to draw him inside it! from the machines back fell what looked like a lifeless body, a frail and emaciated looking… half elf! My kind were rare on this plane as i’ve seen, not too many unions between men and elves here i suppose. I dont know why a human male wouldnt want the company of a female elf.. but I digress. I inspired travis with a majestic word, pulling him out of the machine, he struck the beast with a healing strike, invigorating the emaciated figure. The half elf ran backwards, and began bombarding it with magic missles, this was no ordinary half elf, this was a wizard! the machine sprayed the battlefield with small spider like clockwork creatures, they skittered around and latched themselves onto my allies, i blasted 3 away with a shout of triumph, but could not reach the one attacking our new half elf ally. Adric continued to pound away at the golem, and quite a few times did I have to pull allies out of his whirring gears. Luckily for us, it never got a chance to fully envelope one of us, as it must have done who knows how long ago with this new half elf. We eventually beat it down, and immediately hailed the newcomer. His name was kalleric Atru, a half elf wizard of some school of sorcery that was destroyed over 500 years ago! he had met vincent ayers nearly 20 years back, while strapped to a table, he was unfortunately engulfed by gears. Lucky for him, we came along. It seems as though he was an apprentice and researcher working on a very special magic, one which seemed like it had the power to see otheres fates. We learned that the dukes son was fated to kill the duke. Perhaps the reason why the duke decided to change the strands within the tapestry? We went back to the study area and rested. sometime during my watch (whatever time it is, its dark 24/7 down here) A small toy soldier came through a small crack in the wall. He began moving the items around in the room, as if… cleaning up? Guys! wake up! i yelled, “destan” recognized this toy soldier as a childhood toy. why is it here? It wasnt of much help, it didnt know anything. We decided that the best course of action was to go to the library. When we got there, we saw a large book in the center of the room. Me and kallric took of to the far corner to go to the ritual room, and destan explored the book. It was just jibberish… it didnt say anything… then it attacked!!



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