Unraveling the Tapestry

Taldarin's Journal 5/15

We arrived at the Ayers estate, and were greeted kindly by the servant staff there. Destan “Emery” Ayers didnt want to be seen by the servants he grew up with and hid beneath his cloak. Travis, the legal owner of the Ayers estate as of now, introduced himself to the servants and from that point forward, we were taken very good care of. The servants were quite nice, very obedient and they sure did make good food! Destan didnt ever come to the Dinner table, and it was noticed. The servants often asked about him, if he was ok, or if they were accommodating him well. Travis assured them that he was just a loner and everything was well.
It was not long before the fellows from the academy arrived. He unfortunately didn’t have the transfer enchantment ritual, so again, we must wait. We decided to wait until morning to travel to the secret lab, so we made reservations for the Academy wizard to stay in the estate.
In the morning, it was about 10 minutes worth of ritual preperation, and the portal opened, we were sucked into darkness.
Upon coming to, we lit some sunrods, and noticed we were in a cage of sorts, pillars slightly bowed out reaching toward the sky. descending from the ceiling was a horrible tentacle, faces and limbs periodically thrusting out of its fleshy surface. Through the dimly lit room, we could also see (and smell) another trouble…. Troglodytes! and CORRELLON do they smell bad! they threw spears at us, pinning us down, I used a new power to teleport 2 allies out of the cage. I was immediately cursed and found myself unable to get out of the cage! The trog mage who cursed me then flipped a switch and large blades came down from the pillars slashing at all of those inside! I had to run, even while slowed, to the exit of the cage, then i sung my majestic word, and found the spirit to move the remaining 5 feet that I needed to escape from the cage. To my dismay, I slid right into the sights of a beetle looking creature, it lashed an eye at me, and its mouth began to water, what is this creature! It went to attack me, and strangely enough it did not go for me, it went for my magical sword! Rust monster! I quickly stashed the sword in my cloak, and the rust monster had no other magical metal item to consume, so yes, i ended up being burned by its acidic saliva. I branded my non-magical longsword and took a swing at the beast, its blood began to rust my sword. The cavern curse wouldnt leave my body, and i just kept trying to flee this beast before it completely took me out! it took me nearly a solid minute to reach the rest of the party, but the rust monster could cover Tremendous ground at a remarkable speed! i compulsed it to travel next to the horrible tentacle but unfortunately it was too agile to be consumed by it. The rest of the party finally took the monster down, and I cleared the curse from my body. We continued to attack the troglodytes until we slayed them all, finishing the final trog by pushing it into the tentacles and allowing the large arm to consume it. GROSS!
There are 5 exits from this circular room, and we just randomly passed into one of the corridors. Above a door with 5 wheels with the alphabet on each one read: “What is the most important thing?” Money? Power? I decided to see what a wrong entry did, so I placed the dials to AAAAA. I felt a magical presence begin to boil, not a good idea! what is the most important thing…? “Adric!” said adric, “Ha ha!” his deep dwarven voice boomed… But that made no sense, this was Destan’s fathers lab… Emery’s…. fathers lab… EMERY! I put the name into the dials (because they were all too chicken to) and the door opened! in the “lab” came into a small square room with a skull on a pedastle in the center. not detecting any traps, we took steps towards it. “Who goes there!” said the skull. I game “Destan” a glare and encouraged him to answer by his true name. “Emery Ayers” he said. The skull ended up being his great grandfather, and knew the lab fairly well. He also wanted to be taken along on our journey. He was not a friendly skull though, and continuously was putting me down.
Apparently there are 3 major areas to this lab, a study, a library (with a ritual room!), and an animal experimentation area… We decided to check the study first. Everything looks destroyed, apparently the “experiments” got loose. We decided to go investigate the room with the skull one more time, and we heard a loud “thud….THud…Thud…” as we squinted down the hall we saw… a Construct coming right for us!



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