Unraveling the Tapestry

Taldarin's Journal 5/1

As the dark figure strode toward us, a small group of the armenac elite decided to stay and assist us. The archers fired upon him, and the swordsmen engaged him one by one, and one by one they were slain, it seemed, with no effort at all. I attacked and landed a stunning blow…….. what!? But how! I missed my target, I felt the vigor of steel against steel, and I had the vision in my mind of the blow but it just didn’t connect. Travis and adric had no such luck either, but when Fadris hit him with an eldrich blast, he howled in confusion “How could this be happening!!!” Destan also took a shot, and his hit slammed into the figures armor as well. He must be a seer, and he cannot see Destan or fadris! why I cannot say, but his fate magic is useless on them. The figures attacks struck with such a force as to outright kill… essentially anyone. I was struck by one of these attack, I felt my life fade before my eyes, and just before I felt the grasp of death take my soul to correllon, I had a memory that I had not had in a very long time. A fond memory of when I was very young, I saw the faces of my parents, vividly. Ive never seen them as vivid as this! They looked into my eyes, so happy, so proud… My eyes opened, and I was still standing on the battlefield, I had not been slain! Adric was also hit, and the small chunk of wood he holds around his neck began to glow, and warm his body, and somehow, it saved him as well. Fadris and Destan eventually angered him enough to have him retreat the fight, and then the army rushed toward the town. We retreated into the city, and luckily enough, we had evacuated everyone. The sound of war was upon us. A very large group of orcs engaged us, 15, 20!? the 5 of us took them out one by one, but the thing about orcs, you kill one and another will surely take its place. There was one mage orc who conjured a terrible cloud of flies… they stung and bit and got in your eyes. Correllon, i hate flies. After dispatching the crowd of them, we heard loud thundering footsteps. A huge troll came lumbering after us! pushing lesser orcs aside, he wanted a piece of our group alone. He was pretty hardy, but we just overcame him eventually. We slayed him, and there he lay. Victorius we… but wait! he stood again! Damn trolls! we need to extinguish the life from his body using fire. I ran over to a burning out, quickly pulled a torch from my Deep pocket cloak and ran back. Travis poured lamp oil on his body, and i struck it with the fire, he caught ablaze, and there he rested. The town was overrun, but with no civilians remaining in the town, it was a victory in my eyes.
We escaped the town out its non-ransacked side, and made our way to Destan’s Estate. The trip was uneventful and we were greeted when we arrived.



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