Unraveling the Tapestry

Taldarin's Journal 4/17

When we first arrived, we went straight to the town hall. We warned the mayor of the probable doom looming over the town, and we explained that the nature of magic was that of fate, and that it was complicated indeed. We were a bit conservative at first, but eventually informed him that a member of his village was going to survive an onslaught that will happen in the near future. I believe he may have gotten his loved ones to safety. He didn’t see or sense any magic in the area, but why would he, he doesn’t have the glimmer fey behind his eyes. Fadris and I decided to do a little investigating of our own. The mayor spoke of a local wizard, able to perform minor cantrips and the such, and we were going to put him to the test. He owned a shop of sorts, I could smell the residuum from outside his storefront. As we went in, many magical trinkets lay about. Curious objects they were, some just novelties, but many glistened with magic. He had a small collection of rituals at his disposal, and after sifting through them, Fadris and I decided that a ritual to see through the eyes of a slain victim was of much value. He agreed to accept some divine ritual reagents instead of our hard earned coin, even if there was a bit of a mark up in price. He also offered us another deal, he would purchase any magical gear from us at 75% of its cost in residuum (instead of the lousy 20% the disenchant ritual can perform) We sold destan’s space-shifting bolts, and the elixir of accuracy, claiming a small pile of fresh residuum. After speaking with him for awhile, it was evident that he was just a storefront, and not much of a wizard. We left the shop to bring the news of the deal he was offering to our companions.
Later in the week, a group of cloaked men entered the town, some armed with bows. Travis noticed them, as he was continuously scanning the town for suspicious characters. They came into the inn we were eating at and sat quietly at a table… interesting indeed… I began to introduce myself to one of them, noticing that he didn’t wear a tin ring on his hand. he was curt, but not unfriendly. He just wanted to be left alone. Certainly suspicious behavior… We decided to check the other inn in the town and surely enough there was another group of eight men in cloaks at that tavern too. We devised a plan, I would use the hat of disguise to look like one of the other injured guards, and… well see what happens from there I suppose. Luckily we decided to inform the mayor that his town was being occupied because when we went in, he was meeting with a noble lord. He introduced himself, and the mayor assured us that he was a friend. The men in town were Armenac elite! Its certainly comforting to know that such fine warriors were with us. Apparently Servalan had sent him to stay with the town as a waypoint to the eastern border where his true mission was. Any help is good help! We confirmed with Servalan that he was indeed as he said, and she replied that he was her most trusted and loyal lord, comforting news. He proposed a challenge for us, his finest group of 8 warriors wants to challenge us to a duel! We accepted and the next day, we met in a field. 4 armored men in plate and with shields took the front line, and 4 archers took the rear. As the combat started, it was evident that they had the upper hand. Their military discipline made it seem as if they atually acted as one as their efforts crescendo in concert. We eventually took them down, and as a reward, he outfitted any member of our party not wearing magical gear with a +1 magical version. What a generous gift! Later in the day we heard horns sound, and the fate hunters army amassed outside the town. Comprised of beasts and humans alike, they numbered approximately 300, slightly more than our 200 elite and ourselves. Their leader proceeded to the center of the imminant battleground, he wants to parley. Our lord went to meet him, and not soon after he got there he was slain by the man in one fell swoop. Our archers let fire, hundreds of arrows descended upon him, none of them hitting their mark. As he approached, our front line went to meet him, and he with a singe swoop slew them all… How can we defeat this creature! A mask covered his face, we could see nothing of him, was he man or spectre!? Destan and I let out a loud cry to disperse, and he turned upon us as approaching us. Travis took a horse to attempt to heal the lord but it was too late, he was dead. He hoisted him upon the horse and rode back. The armored creatures stride fixed itself upon destan and myself. It seems as if we have a problem…



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