Unraveling the Tapestry

Malak Goretusk's Journal 7/31

Writing has never been my strongest suit as bugbear… but I try my best. Today was a bit different than a normal day. We were fighting gross undead creatures when all of sudden, the party start acting weird. Fadris gave out little girly yell, and destan too yelled “bugbear!” raahh! Yes! I am bugbear! they travel with me for months and now they notice? Travis, my dearest friend in party was fine with me. The weird half elf seemed puzzled but knew me as well. They kept talking about some guy, Taldarin? Taladrin? And they kept calling malak smelly! Malak NOT smelly, malak clean like humans! We killed the rest of zombie creatures from the room, I whipped my chain at them and the tasty looking scarabs that come out of gross creature. After the fight we rested, and Big dragon creature in armor gave me necklace, and found a new one on small decayed body. Turns out, there was a ripple in fate? I dont even begin to understand this crazy magic, just give me a weapon in my hand and I will tear the face off any foe! But they were with another pansy half elf who think it better to sing and dance than destroy enemies! After the pleasantries, we searched the hallways, we found many rooms coming off here and there, and a long corridor with closed doors. One door was open, with big light coming out of it! the room was full of crystals, i do like these! Huge machine in center of room spun and gears moved. As we go in, the crystals come to life! they attack! i get so mad at shiny crystals that i run at them and swing my chain at them!!! RRHHAARR! they hit me back very good tho, and i had to dodge away. Destan help me kill one of the crystal men, I slung my chain at his back and tore him apart, then i turn to rest of the group. some could hover in air, so i whip my chain at them more, eventually, we kill all the crystal beasts. Their bodies are made of some very good looking crystals! it would be nice to take these with us. We found the ritual that lets us see fate from the library, it looks like these are the ingredients that are used. Now lets go find out some fates! I want to know about that man in the black armor who come to my tribe and steal my people, was he fated to do this? We went back to ritual room, and everyone got to choose one person to know the fate of, I chose the man in black, it was Uriel the seer! he met up with someone, and then his fate shredded like I shred the flesh of anyone that stands in my way! We learned about Destan, how he is just a puny thread on Alfonzes rope. The small dragon orb we found showed us some stone dragon, very sad looking dragon, maybe someone stole dragons orb. There is much more to explore in the dungeon, maybe more powerful items for me to wear! RHRAR!



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