Unraveling the Tapestry

A Marriage brings convenient ties:

I sent a sending to Seralan to ask who killed our family and to get a feeling for her opinion of the Duke. The response was “I have my suspicions get here soon new responsibilities.” So we decided to go there quickly. This would be a 12 day trip. On the journey we encountered many people seeking shelter in larger communities. At one point the refugees were being attacked by a group of aberrations, 2 carrion crawlers and 2 of those tentacle headed creatures from Anne’s home along with an Eye tyrant, this can’t be good. We discovered, thankfully, that this is not a beholder but some lesser species if some such thing exists. We all co-operated to dispatch them quickly I gave Adric my divine strength to his weapon and Destan kept inspiring Adric by pointing out opportunities for extra attacks. With the bard singing in the background we all fought bravely.

After that we went on to my family home to find Seralan there. We spoke briefly and I learned that she has been demoted so she could take care of the family and estates. She has arranged a political marriage to an older woman for me, how nice of her, argh. How, am I to discover who and why these attacks are happening and who is behind it all if I am to be tied down to an estate? I was so put off on the idea that I did not even think to ask who the woman was. To my surprise it was Florence Ayers, wasn’t Destan called “Lord Ayers”? Being suspicious of a setup or an attempt on her life I decided to go escort her to the home. We all left to meet her on her way. Of all the nerve and arrogance, the Bard asked to speak to her inside her carriage. It was agreed to as long as a guard was with them. Me thinking this could be the worst thing to happen now that he has the hat, who is he going to pose to be her dead brother or something? Apparently he behaved himself. Although the wedding was rushed and small it went well. We had no incident beyond having to choose the bard as my best man. Destan gave Florence away. That was curious and she was giving looks to Destan like she was very familiar with him.

The Honeymoon night was a very educational night. Many of my recently gained curiosities about Destan were answered. He is her supposedly dead brother Emery Ayers. Hence the seers remark also. It was and still is a shock to think that Destan, uh Emery, uh … I know him as Destan he wants to be called Destan I will continue to call him that. He is my brother in law. Although I now am the estate holder of the Ayers estate I made sure that it is understood I do not want nor will I keep my influence on his estates if he should come out of hiding.

She is also familiar with managing estates with no one around to support her, I feel guilty about leaving her to proceed on this endeavor of ours but if we are successful she will be better for it. I hope to find her a unique and special gift during my travels to send her, as a gift of my appreciation for her life being inconvenienced.

She did have interesting information about Vincent Ayers. He apparently had a secret lab someplace which he accessed from his home portal. We had her contact the University to have someone open the portal so we could investigate this for more information. We started to head to the Ayers, or is it now the Wetbush estates? But we stopped on the way in a small town that has not been attacked yet, in hopes to interfere with the next attack; while we wait for the university scholar to assist us in gaining access to the lab.



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